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Wake Forest URivepsitj? 
WiRstOR Salera, Noptfe GaroliRa 

The IitvocatioR 


The Gaits 


The GouRcils 


The GpMsades 


The GoRgregatloR 


The Glergj? 


The Garates 


The BeRedictioR 


7976 HOWLER by Drake Eggleston under the 

of the Publications Board of Wake Forest University. 




sioi,lB3ov$iI asIT 


«dlisO 3slT 


alianisoO asIT 


rtabBSBiO asir 


$ioiJB^a<ii}sioa aslT 


^^laFD asIT 


eajB<iis9 a$IT 


floUaifianaa adT 

.yii&iev>t\U >»io=H 9)*bW ^o bABoB moilBoiWu** em \o aeoiqtus i 

i nolsa\Q\i3 9«6iQ yO ft3J>«0H a^i 

mill iiiiii III 

i''iiiW'i'ii'| ''i i'ii|ii'iiii'i'i'i%i'iiM'ii'ii';i'ii'i.iiiii"V',ii"i'Wi'iii'ii 

■' iiiH 'Miinii 

,'Vi,Vili ','1 '''I' "''I'll' ,, , 

, „ll|l'|l|''|l||l'l|l'll'|l'l'|ll|l|'l|l|||l|||l'l'|ll|'|ll|'|il'l|| Hi'l I 


Dear Old Wake Forest 

W^ ifWhe is a Noble Narnet 

" ■ -v,. 






Silas Creek Pkwy /I 
Wake Forest Univ. 


« ■*%■*■■-. v'4. 


,.„-,, * GYMNASIUM I 


^- -^r- 













^' ' WAKE 






^ ^. ^^*:#,^..^l«5fi^^.^.:^ ..^^,,^^^ 

iilil •'- 

-. v'i> v:;^ '• 

* « 

: \.\ ^ 

Thine is a Glorious Fame 

We Give Thee of Our Praise 





Adore Thine Ancient Days 



s V 

S/ng M/e Our Humble Lays "^ft ^^^ * ' *■*• ■*- '■ 

Mother so Dear. 

Wakk Forest Univkksity 

June 30, 1975 

;romer, made a request at the last regular 
r: lement be prepared giving the reasons for 

tt -ies on parietal rules for students in Wake 

F ers and interpret the meaning of their votes, 

b far my own review of the issues raised and 


e 1971 action of the Board of Trustees, and thus reads: 

RESOLVED, That the Board reaffirm the policy that dating within the residence halls be 
confined to the lounges and other public rooms. (In University housing, visiting in bedrooms of 
the opposite sex will not be permitted.) . . . 

The University tradition of in loco parentis , never unlimited, has been battered by societal change and 
judicial decisions. Yet the university is expected, and properly so, to safeguard life and property and to act as 
a parent would in crises of health, in legal difficulties, in seel<ing employment opportunities, and providing 
emergency financial aid. It is right that, to this extent, Alma Mater continue to serve in loco parentis . 

itage and does not apologize for its continuing 
c ular view that the contemporary university has no 

ustees' belief that for most of them, Wake Forest 

Pro Humanitate." The college experience ought 

moments of truth with equanimity and courage. 

!■ have often taken unpopular views against 

s' red lives made the difference. 

national institutions. Each university 
^ own identity. Some persons may not 

'i e the laws and the spirit of the laws. 

Tf On this issue the standard has been 

jple will respect us less if we do not 

our convictions. 




- f% ' 


'''"!^^" -^.^ai^Bflfl^^^^^^H 






^ ' r«7 -^s^i:;? 


¥^: .: 

quite unlike the days of D.B. tlie 
yadkin was again invaded by inspired 
bands of "Huck Finns" from across the 
hollow: many survived despite high 
waters, saturated bodies and minds: 
with a few winners (those who could 
still paddle) -and only a few 






- A ^Jtiizzdk; 



inter-fraternity council j 

Wes Agee (Sigma Phi Epsilon) - pres. 

Sieve Coies (Kappa Sigma) 

Roberto Hunter (Omega Psi Phi) 

Charles King (Sigma Chi) 

Jerry Johnson (Lambda Chi Alpha) 

Jay Kuhn (Theta Chi) 

Randy Lee (Alpha Sigma Phi) -sea 

Jim MacDougall (Kappa Alpha) 

Stuart Markman (Sigma Phi Epsilon) 

John McAlpine (Delta Sigma Phi) - treas. 

Steve Miller (Delta Kappa Epsilon) 

Scott Mitchell (Pi Kappa Alpha) 

Dave Swanson (Sigma Pi) 

John Sweatman (Pi Kappa Alpha) -v.p- 

Dave Robertson -advisor 



alpha Sigma phi 

Stanley Armstrong 
Ben Ball 
Frank Brock 
Roger Brownlee 
Bill Bucher 
Frank Cerasso 
Tyler Cox 
Horace Crump 
Gary Dark 
Rick Eudy 
Bill Ferrell 
Jerome Gardacky 
Tim Gilbert 

Bill Honeycut 
Greg Jones 
Leslie Jones 
Paul Kendig 
Randy Lee 
Mitchell Lewis 
Bill McLeester 
John Murhead 
Ron Niland 
Randy Noftle 
Mike Paul 
Wayne Reich 
Brian Siska 

Dr. Elmore - Adv. 

Nick Penny 

Rich Bidlack 

Cecil Price 

Tom Bowers 

Betsy Fteed 

Karen Burdge 

Herman Schmid 

Brad Bute 

Davis Smith - V.P. 

Tom Clarkson 

Gin Smith 

Brad Day 

Tom Smith 

Scott Forrest 

David Tamer 

Martha Gibson 

Tom Taylor - Sec. 

Bobby Glover 

Andy White - Tres. 

Tim Hobbs 

Scott Wilson 

Deborah Kegel 

Bill Wingard 

Gary Long 

Bill Wittenbach 

Mike Matossian 

Brad Zabel 

Barry Miller 

Robert Zeliff - Pres 

Scott Nowlan 

Chere Rosemond 

Jim Amos 

Charlie Leslie 

Rick Benton 

Joe Lin 

Bob Bilbrough 

Mark McClelland 

Bill Blalock 

Bill fJlcDermott 

Ed Bristol 

Steve ti/liller 

Ryland Byrd 

Tucker Mitchell 

Lou Case 

Louis Moore 

Je'l Cline 

Clint Morgan 

Greg Cooke 

Tal Owen 

John Dunn 

Tom Parker 

Hill Evans 

Rick Reid 

Mitch Frye 

Bill Rodgers 

Gary Gamache 

Stam Stat his 

Dave Gilt 

Bob Strachan 

Todd Graham 

John Street 

Larry Hamrick 

Mac Trotter 

Paul Henning 

Woody White 

Sam Hinson 

Jim Wiles 

Wes Muggins 

Morris Young 

Don Johnson 


delta kappa epsilon 

^ ) 

Benny Angle 

Rick Manno -v. p. 

Tom Barton - pres. 

Lane Patterson 

Jeff Beale 

Cameron Privott 

l^ike Bednarick 

Mike Reynolds 

Parker Boone -sec. 

Ramsey Shaner - tres 

Bert Bridger 

Andy Snyder 

Ken Clay 

John Stevens 

Jim Culbreth 

Paul Walpole 

John Goode 

Bobby Warren 

Eric Hallman 

Rick Wilcox 

Jim Hastings 

Lonnie Williams 

Joe Hawley 

Warren Yearns 

Paul Hesser 

Ken Zagor 

Bill Jackson 

Mark Barnes 

Keith Jolly 

Powell Bland 

Gordan Jones 

John Gallahan 

Glenn King 

Bill Molnar 

Bill Linde 

Mark Poovey 

John McAlpine - sec. 

Peter Van Dyke 

John Watson 

delta sigma phi 

theta chi 

Michael Allen 
Edward Anfindsen 
John Bear 
Evander Britt 
Samuel Britt 
William Britt 
Steven Brewer 
Douglas Brown 
Steven Brown 
Joseph Bunch 
Bruce Cameron 
Stephen Christian 
Glenn Cook 
Brian Coward 
Charlie Devlin 
Thomas DruitI 
Drake Eggleston 
David Elliott 
Charles Floyd 
Stuart Gordon 
Dan Harrington 
David Hill 
Craig Hooper 
Gary James 
Jay Johnson 
David Joyce 

Peter Kamins 
John Karel 
Jay Kuhn 
Henry Lawrence 
Lee Lewis 
Andrew Liverman 
Arthur Mann 
William Nickell 
Eric Olson 
Theodore Or ban 
George Pahno 
Andrew Richardson 
Randolph Screen 
Donald Search 
David Sizer 
Michael Smith 
Parker Sturgis 
Scott Thacker 
Ajalon Tillery 
Douglas Turnage 
Richard Wesson 
Peter Weedon 
David Wiatr 
Charles Wiedmann 
Joe Wilson 
Lynwood Wilson 
Alan Zyskowski 


Lewie Bates 
Bruce Beckert 
Ross Berlin 
Macky Beto 
Chris Blair 
James Bowman 
Dave Branch 
Tom Britt 
Paul Coble 
Brett Coker 
Greg Coker 
Billy Conwell 
Jim Cook 
Bruce Copus 

Steve Duin 
Craig Dunkum 
Ben Eddy 
Mark Ellison 
Tom Fetzer 
Don Gilchrist 
Tim Graham 
Tom Grant 
John Hancock 
Rich Hause 
Anderson Hostetter 
Tom Huber 
Joey Judd 
Don Kersey 

Ben Kilgore 
Sky King 

Raymond Lancaster 
Steve Latham 
Dicky Lavi/s 
John McCann 
Jim MacDougall 
Jim Macon 
Glen Matteson 
Dave Mervine 
Clark Milton 
Kent Moberly 
Bob Moore 
John Pendergast 
John Pierce 

Randy Poole 
Glen Simpson 
Butch Stewart 
Coleman Ticer 
Bobby Thomas 
Ray Vallor 
Steve Waite 
Steve Walk 
Brent Waniga 
Bob Wansker 
John Waters 
Jimmy Weinheimer 
Whit Whitney 
Joe Williford 
David Wyche 

James Althaus 
Jess Bailes 
Don Benton 
Arthur Bingham 
John Bryant 
Richard Burr 
Harry Bynum - Sec 
William Cannon - Tres- 
Steven Coles 
William Cook 
John DeLoache 
Kenneth Dyer 
James Gerlock 
Gregory Goodman 
Jay Haas 

Albert House 
Paul Jansen 
James Jenkins 
Charles Kane 
John Krontorst 
Andrew Lewis 
Sidney Lyie 
Jackson McCarty 
Thomas McCorkle 
Timothy McLaughlin 
Patrick McNally 
Kenneth Miller - Pres. 
Marcus Miller 
Clyde Minges 
William Mooney 

Alfred Myatt 
James Pecsok 
Ronald Pfister 
Richard Pinto 
Kenneth Ritchie 
Timothy Saytor 
Jeffrey Schwall 
Gregory Seaton 
Charles Slatery 
Eric Sternberg 
Curtis Strange 
Robert Sykes 
Robert Team 
David Thore 
Robin Vinson - V P 

kappa Sigma 

lambda chi alpha 

Cal Adams 

Robert Moore 

James Appier 

Dave Murr 

Terry Athas 

Tom 0' Toole 

Harold Beavers 

James Page 

Lee Bouldin 

Monroe Pannell 

Radlord Brown 

Tom Rae 

John Bryce 

David Ragsdale 

Charles Clark 

Richard Reddick 

Jay Corpening -v p. 

Doug Scofield 

Mark J. Costine 

Robert Shields 

Will Davies 

John Skinner 

Robert Eberle 

Craig Stansfield 

William Etson 

Scott Stansfield 

Tom Fehring 

Donald Stewart - tres 

David Floyd 

Jon Strawsburg 

Rick Furay 

Rudollo Tabeada 

John Groome 

Walter Thompson 

John Jacoby 

Frank Turner 

Bruce Jakubowski 

John Walker 

Jerry Johnson 

Martin Walker 

Randy Ladulko 

Dan Weeks 

Mike LaVallee 

Charles Wolfe 

Paul Littmann 

Woodsman Donald 

Barry Love 

James Whyte - sec. 

James Lyie 

Jeffery Yohn -pres. 

Joe McGee 

James York 

Mark MaWcko 

Steve Young 

William Millner 

John Zeglinski 

Tom Montefusco 

Ed Christman -adv. 



Harold Addis 
James Bashelor 
John Bradley 
Michael Bybee 
James Demming 
James Dubinsky 
Richard Earls 
Ralph Eddy 
CImton Flagg 
John Floyd 
David Foster 
Jeffry Frisby 
Michael Gallagher 
Ronald Garslka 
John George 
Kenneth Gerrity 
Norman Godwin 
Charles Griffin 
Mark Hollern 
Timothy Horne 
Mark Johnson 

James Jordan 
Michael Kennedy 
Robert Klatte 
Reed Leverton 
Garrison Under -pres. 
Charles Little - treas. 
Scott Mitchell 
Michael Moraghan 
William Musselwhite 
David Nash 
John Nealms 
David Newton 
Michael Norico 
Allen Norton 
Carl Nye 
Jeffrey Oglesby 
William Sparks -v. p. 
John Sweatman 
John White 
John Yaskin 

pi kappa alpha 

Bob Anderson 
Bob Bogarty 
Hank Braunlich 
Jaft Chilton 
Paul Oemmink -v. p. 
Jack Elliott 
Alan Fox 
Dannie Fulp 
Burlon Gaull 
Tom George 
Dave Gesmundo 
John Godwin 
Mary Gribble 
Eddie Haire 
John Hawkins 
Mike Havnlla 
Steve Heigeson 
Bruce Herman 
Wayne Hodges 
Garry Keith 
Terry Keith 
Tom Lang - treas. 
Doug Linderer 

Doug Lyon 
Jim Madden 
Mike Mottossian 
Dave Maurer - sec. 
Pete Mele 
Woody Mendenhall 
Mike Meyer 
Pete Minarch 
Jeff Ohiinger 
Ken Overholt 
Ken Rechenbeil 
Bob Ring 
Dave Rosenblatt 
Dale Shephard 
John Simms 
Randy Speisman 
Dan Sv/anson 
Dave Swanson 
Gary Tash 
Forrest Tilley 
Mark Wheeler -pre 
Phil Zambos 
McLean Zehler 

Wes Agee - pres 
Dennie Bartol 
Scott Beck 
Jeff Belfisano 
Gary Bender 
Hank Berg 
Bruce Boeger 
Bill Brinker 
Charlie Broadway 
Frank Burns 
Ken Canier 
Hadley Casfi 
Rick Collins 
Kelly Cartridge 
Charlie Crist 
Rick Daniel 
Dave Farr 
Prentiss Findlay 
Andy Goulder 
John Gregory 
Bill Grose 
Hugh Hamilton 
Dave Harris 
Dermot Hedrick 
Steve Holcombe 
Zack Howerton 
Dave Huffman 
Gary Isbell 
Dave Jones 
Frank Jones 
Jeff Kentner 
Kent Kimbrough 

Jim Kovarik 
Gary Landwirth 
Robert Latimer 
Jim Linberger 
Bill Loucks 
Glen McCracken 
Tom McGraw 
Bill McLeod 
Rob Malburg -v p 
Stuart fvlarkman 
Keith Martin 
Kurt fVleyers 
Hot Milan 
Gary fVluHen 
Rynn Olsen 
Kenny Patterson 
Mike Payne 
Bob Reid 
Bob Rice 
Fritz Richter 
Mark Robinson 
Wade Sanders 
Craig Seavers - tres. 
Joe Sills 
Clark Slaydon 
Greg Slayton 
Brian Smith 
Gary Vukov 
Rex Walker 
Mark Wailend/ack 
Bob Womble 
Ben Wood 

Sigma phi epsilon 

Mark Atkinson 
David Blackburn 
Jolin Blancett 
Charles Bradley 
Robby Brown 
Matt Bullard 
Drew Burgess 
Dick Byrd 
Charles Cam 
Mark Campbell 
Dave Chatfield 
Mark Collier 
Jim Costigan 
Rux Currin 
Doug Datt 
Rob Davidson 
John Dillon 
Rusty Dubberly 
Flip Dupont 
Mark Ernsberger 
Joel Gillespie 
Gary Grant 
Doug Hall 
Jim Hamilton 
Merle Hankie 
Clark Hobson 
Doug Jones 
Ken Jones 
Mark King 
Brian Kingsley 

Sigma chi 


r-* >">^ 



inter-society council 

Mary Alleshouse (Rigels) 

Duck Amato (SOPH) 

Cathy Colvard (SOPH) - Pres. 

Peggy Eakins (Rigels) 

Sherry Funke (Strings) 

Ann Gadway (Thymes) 

Ann Grim (Fideles) 

Paige Hamilton (SOPH) 

Pris Healy (Steps) 

Leslie Herd (SOPH) 

Diane Keyser (Fideles) 

Lynn Logan (Rigels) 

Dougal MacKinnon (Strings) 

Kathy McMurtry (Thymes) 

Chere Mitchell (Fideles) - Treas. 

Andrea Morgan (Thymes) -Sec. 

Laurie Parker (Steps) 

Lynn Redden (Rigels) 

Lucy Ross (Strings) 

Pam Smith (Steps) 

Diane Swing (Steps) 

Beth Taylor (Fideles) 

Jackie VanAnda (Thymes) 

Trish Watkins (Strings) 

SjS!e Allen 
Mane Anderson 
Laura Arneson 
Susan Bailey 
Libby Belhea 
Ina Blackmore 
Courtney Btackwell 
Lynda Boozer 
Carolyn Brown 
Carroll Brundred 
Susan Cannon 
Carol Casper 
Barb Cording 
Beth Davis 
Sharon DeLong -- se 
Lauren Eastburn 
Beth Edwards 
Laura Elliott 
Julie Ennis 
Laura Ervin 
Lisa Ferguson 
Kathy Fleming 

Diane Foster 
Debbie Fytfe - 2nd v p 
Lynn Garmon 
Lesley Garrett 
Sharon Gibson 
Pam Giesler - trees 
Lucy Greene - 1st v. p. 
Ann Grim 
Gay Gulledge 
Katie Hill 
Delores Hipps 
Margaret Hobbs 
Barb Holland 
Diane Keyser 
Susie Knutson 
Molly Lambright 
Mary Stewart Lindsey 
Slacey Lunslord 
Ann MacNaughton 
Nancy McLoughlin 
Mary McLean 
Mary McNeil 

Philan Medford 
Missy Meyer 
Chere Mitchell 
Diana Moon 
Donna Moreland 
Pam Newsome 
Kay Nightlinger 
Nancy Pabst 
Connie Parkerson 
Stephanie Paulos 
Diane Pearson 
Melissa Powell 
Susan Raines 
Deborah Richardson 
Ann Russell 
Anne Sanford 
Becky Shields 
Mary Jo Sisson 
Sharon Stocker 
Beth Taylor - pres 
Pam Triplett 
Beth Robinson 
Randy Parks 

Mary Alleshouse 
Nancy Bell 
Wanda Devore 
Peggy Eakins 
Jeannie Eldridge 
Marilyn Gordon 
Candace Haigler 
Nancy Hairfield 
Lynn Logan 
Barb Lukes 
Mary Melton 
Lynn Redden 
Mary Reese 
Lyn Royston 
Kim Smith 
Ellen White 
Debbie Wilson 

w^ ^ ^1 ^^ 

Jane Alien 
BecXy Arrants 
Becky Bowen 
Susan Burroughs 
.lean Butler 
Cathy Colvard 
Barb deFerrari 
Pat Dorwart 
Susan Dunn 
Anne Fulmer 
Leslie G rover t 
Wanda Hall 
Paige Hamilton 
Martha Hines 
Cat Hobson 
Kathy Kornegay 
Carly Kreider 
Linda Lowden 
Donna McArthur 
Connie Mansfield 
Carol Mslton 
Susan Patterson 
Laney Pregnall 
Helen Purgeson 
Roslyn Redtearn 
Robin Robertson 
Olive Squires 
Betty Sue Taylor 
Sarah Brown 
Dave Chatfield 
Jay Corpening 

Leslie Anderson 
Donna Booth 
Lisa Burns 
Caryl Clark 
Saralyn Creel 
Debbie Dixon 
Betty Evans 
Nancy Hamilton 
Leslie Herd 
Jan Jones 
Liz Loden 
Lynn McFadden 
Nancy Newcomb 
Meg Nottingham 
Sandy Pajoi 
Annis Paschal 
Libby Pea 
Jud^ Peterson 
Sarah Reiser 
Ann Robinson 
JoAnn Sager 
Sue Satrom 
Barb Sudduth 
Harriet Tate 
Stephanie Timko 
Karen Wilson 
Donna Yowel! 


Kathie Amato 

Jill I 


Amy Belton 
Don Bendall 
Gin Reid Blair 
Leila Brown 
Ruth Carpenter 
Cindy Chesnut 
India Early 
Natalie English 
Pat Fincher 
Judy Fritz 
Shelly Hammond 
Betsy Harris 
Holly Huffman 
Prue Irby 
Anne Jackson 
Kitty Johnson 
Ann Killian 
Nancy Kinsey 
Priscilla Latham 
l^elissa McLeod 
Kathy Martz 
Laura Naylor 
Lisa Reece 
Betty Richardson 
Jean Roberts 
Lyn Sink 
Mary Smith 
Gerri Tolson 
Katie Townes 



steps Jl^ ^ '/»> . 


Ellen Alford 
Bobbie Wrenn Banks 
Bev Beebe 
Claudia Blalock 
Alisa Boyette 
Mary Burgess 
Anne Forrest 
Jane Goforth 
Jean Gordon 
Pat Graham 
Gloria Hagins 
Grace Hancock 
Priscilla Healy 
Ruthann Hibbs 
Ann Holfman 
Robin Holley 
Susan Huneycutt 
Deborah Kegel 
Linda Kelly 
Char is Lee 
Debbie Lewis 
Karen Lewis 
Susan Mason 
Robin McFarlin 
Beck McMillan 
Ann Medlin 
Rachel Messing 

Mary Roper Osborne 
Laurie Parker 
Judy Powell 
Pam Powell 
Nola Reed 
Donny Rich 
Nancy Rodda 
Ann Sears 
Sheila Shearin 
Debbie Smith 
Pam Smith 
Sandy Smith 
Colleen Snavely 
Sharon Stanley 
Barbara Suttle 
Dianne Swing 
Sherry Taylor 
Jeanne Thompson 
Paula Tilley 
Susan Tucker 
Laura Turner 
Renee Wagner 
Leigh Whisenhut 
Gwen Williams 
Jean Younger 


Debbie Allen 

Bobbie Hochuli 

Felicia Altmeyer 

Joan Hope 

Linda Bellows - v p. 

Sybil Jackson 

Lynn Blount 

Kelly Jordan 

Charlotte Boly 

Robin Lockhart 

Karen Brande 

Donna Martin 

Nancy Brawley 

Jill MacKinnon 

Betsy Butter 

Marta McCave 

Debbie Campbell 

Debbie McLean 

Stephanie Coleman 

Ann Mumma 

Betsy Gulp 

Donna Niquette 

Ann Davis 

Vickie Noble 

Jula Dean 

Karen Clash 

Judy Deese 

Lisa Paige 

Petti Donnell 

Carol Pullekines 

Kent Drummond 

Jeri Radich 

Karen Elkins - treas. 

Susie Roberts - sec. 

Garland Fincher - v.p. 

Lucy Ross - pres. 

Nancy Fowler 

Anita Saulsbury 

Cornelia Franz 

Scott Sea well 

Sherry Funke 

Darlene Shaw 

Hilary Gardner 

Sarah Shoaf 

Shannon Gardner 

Karen Swanson 

Cheryl Gilkeson 

Janet Swaysland 

Steph Glenn 

Ann Tholstrop 

Cathy Greene 

Laura Thome 

Mary Gribble 

Donna Upchurch 

Robbie-Sue Hall 

Coby Wickman 

Anne Hallowell 

Jamie Wollaston 

Tricia Hatcher 

Trish Watkins 

Cathy Heaphy 

Susan Wenzel 

Carey Hendrix 

Stephanie Williams 



nSL. ^ 



Wtr X w^</j/;'ot'r 

^ > 











4^^V iK^ '^^J 









Valerie Adamson 
Mary Anthony 
Ellie Autry 
Elizabeth Bagby 
Ann Barnes 
Karen Bissell 
Cathy Brandt 
Margaret Canfield 
Carol Chandler 
Liz Chitds 
Beth Connelly 
Nancy Conrads 
Buff Davis 
Jean Denning 
Julia Drake 
Jane Eller 
Lyn Francis 
Liz Fuller 

Ann Gadway 
Tern Gardner 
Susan Gordan 
Amelia Goulding 
Karen Grove 
Marianne Guy 
Karen Hallmark 
Judy Hays 
Joanne Holth 
Mary Home 
Tricia Jordan 
Cindy Killis 
Gwyn Kooy 
Linda Lail 
Joan Lusk 
Julie Maconaughey 
Janet McDonald 
Kathy McMurtry 

Suzanne Miller 
Andrea Morgan 
Brenda Morgan 
Sara Morgan 
Tracy Myers 
Susan Nelson 
Sue Parker 
Mary Patterson 
Sue Anna Peeler 
Jay Pendleton 
Diane Raab 
Jane Rawson 
Betsy Reed 
Malina Reed 
Lu Ann Roberts 
Alana Schmidt 
Ruth Ann Shape 

Debby Sizer 
Elaine Smith 
Ginger Smith 
Janet Stedman 
Lynn Stewart 
Betsy Thornhill 
Ellen Tillett 
Margaret Townsend 
Cathy Tull 
Jackie Van Anda 
Jackie Waldie 
Micki Ware 
Donna Wiley 
Karen Winkler 
Judy Withers 
JoAnne Wood 
Janet Yu 

vjfc^r ^. 







The Afro-American Society is a social and ser- 
vice organization open to any undergraduate Wake 
Forest student. Tlie purposes of tfie society are to 
promote a better understanding of blacl< life to the 
W.F.U. community and to bring the entire W.F.U. 
community and the city of Winston-Salem closer 
together. The society traditionally sponsors Black 
Week and participates m the college intramurals. 
Other planned activities include a Christmas Ball, 
benefits for Sickle Cell Anemia and High Blood 
Pressure, and an End-of-the Year dance. 

Thomas Alston 

Almena Lowe 

Yo Bloom 

Kevin Miller - President 

Bobby Brewington 

Strauss Moore 

Donna Callaway 

Ivan Mutlins 

Vanessa Coleman - 

Vice President 

Daryle Peterson 

Annie Donaldson - 


Charles Reynolds - Treasurer 

Paulette Foman 

Dianne Sales 

John Gordon 

Barbara Simpson 

Greg Jones 

Wanda Tabron 

Millie Jones 


The Anthony Aston Society is an 
honorary service organization. 
Membership is based on the ac- 
cumulation of points by working on 
theatre productions. The members 
aid in the clean-up of the theatre 
before and after performances, 
build sets, and help during audi- 
tions. Social functions, such as 
picnics and awards banquets are 
also held. 

Laura Arneson 

Joan Hope 

Sharon Baldwin 

David La Baw 

Lynn Bird 

John Logue - 

Debbie Blacl< 


Ginger Bialte - 

Sheila Martin 


Chris Mathews 

Richard Carlson 

Kathy Meiburg 

Beth Davis 

Jean Moore - 

David Elliott 

Vice President 

Wayne Furin - 

Leslie Radford 


Mary Beth Touchstone 

Stuart Gordon 

Whitney Watson 

David Hawthorne 

Jac Whatley 

McCoy Hill - 

Mark Vandle 



The B.S.U. is an Open House where 
students can explore the meaning of 
the Christian faith. All denominations 
are invited to participate in activities 
that range from Bible study, to retreats, 
to worship, and to teams that work 
with local churches. Both in service 
and opportunities for reflection and 
worship, the B.S.U. offers means for 
realizing the full implications of a 
Christian committment. 

Jere Judd - President 

Ginger Smittt - Vice President 

Jacl<ie VanAnda -Sec -Treas. 

Ken Boaz - Missions 

Betsy Reed - Education 

John Hawkins - Pastoral Concerns 

Jeff Miller - Fellowship 

Judy Haughee - Worship 


The W.F.U. Chess union is a 
group of students who enjoy in- 
formal games of chess and formal 
chess tournaments. By playing 
together they improve their un- 
derstanding of the basic concepts 
of the game. Chess Union also in- 
structs beginners to the game. 

Joe Ayers 

Fred Church 

Steven Enckson 

Andy Fix - President 

Donald Haller 

Daniel Jaxel -Secretary-Treasurer 

Dr. .Johnson - Advisor 

John f/lcCarthy 

Lee Raby - Tournament Director 

Hugh Warner 


Rebbeccah Beck 

Susan McFalls 

Rodney Bennett 

Steve Monday 

Alisa Boyette - Treas. 

Laura fvfoore 

Sam Bntt 

Dave Newman 

Carrie Carroll 

Jofin Redmond 

Wheeler Dale 

Phyllis Rinehart 

Wanda Devore - Sec 

Anne Rodman 

Gary Durbin 

l^ark Scheeler 

Don Girard 

fvlark Seggel 

Terry Hayworth - Pres. 

Dave Vincent 

Craig Hooper 

Scott Wallace 

Frank Jones 

Ruby Warren 

Jeff Jurek 

Terecia Webb 

Lynn Logan 

Ken Winkler 

David McCampbell 

Wake Forest Circle K, sponsored by Kiwanis. is 
part of tiie 700 club, 10.000 member, Circle K 
International. Circle K clubs are dedicated to 
serving the campus and the community with re- 
levant and meaningful projects that range from 
campus newspaper recycling to work with chil- 
dren and fund-raising for Cystic Fybrosis. 


Hank Bullard - President 
Keith Szendrey - Vice President 
Bill Hawifins - Secretary 

The purpose of the Wake Forest College Union is that of a reservoir, 
which sees as its goal the offering of a wide variety of extracurricular 
experiences to the entire university community in an effort to compli- 
ment and enhance the total education that Wake Forest can offer to her 
residents. The Union seeks the successful completion of this goal 
through its student operated committees. Committees such as the 
Union Concert series, Films, Issues and Ideas, and Recreation, offer not 
only fine programming and entertainment to the community itself, but 
also offers the experience of organizing and operating projects to the 
students on the committees . . Students on the Union interacted with 
people 'SHJch as columnist Jack Anderson, and have brought to Wake 
Forest current national topics like the "Who Killed J.F.K." movement 
and the nuclear energy phenomenon through the expert commentary of 
Dr. Dixie Lee Ray. 




Kathy Heaphy 
Pris Healy 
Susan Ayres 

Experimental College provides oppor- 
tunities for students to expand their hori- 
zons outside the classroom environment. 
Courses are geared towards a diversity of 
interests, ranging from classes concern- 
ing the women's movement, relaxation, 
and yoga, to others such as auto mechan- 
ics, breadbaking, and pottery. Classes are 
open to the entire university community of 
students, staff and their families. 

John Graham 
Mark Schulte 
Roger Salt 
Joe Stephan 
Rick Swaim 
Mary Thomsori 
Susan Woerner 
John Wood 
Tod Woodbury 
Fred Church 
Fred McLean 
Marcia Timmel 


The Wake Forest Debate 
Team travels to as many as 
forty state, regional, and na- 
tional tournaments each year. 
They also sponsor the Junior 
Debate Tournament in Octo- 
ber as well as coaching high 
school teams and aiding in 
tournament administration. 



Doug Bentield 
John Bryce 
Joe Bunch 
Ken Daly 
Urban Eriksson 
Tom Fehring 
John Harrington 
John Hawkins 
Cheryl Hill 
Berry Hopkins 
Dave Kunz 
Jim Mach 
Joe McSwain 
Steve Messick 
Tom Oakley 
CD. Osburn 
Jim Page 
Fran Saro 
Bob Williams 

The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes is to confront the university commu- 
nity with Christ. FCA also provides worship 
time, fellowship, Bible study, and oppor- 
tunities to serve the Lord through vocations in 
the college and the Winston-Salem community. 




Max Gomez -President 
Committee Chairpeople: 
Athletic - Brian Salisbury 
Reed Humphrey 
Policy - Jo Steiner 

Doug Paulsen 
Social - Mary Pickens 

Mario Marcon 

The Graduate Student Associa- 
tion's purpose is primarily social, 
athletic, and concerned with uni- 
versity policy towards grad- 
students. The Association has three 
permanent committees for the de- 
velopment of projects which range 
from student-faculty parties to in- 
tramural volleyball competition and 
investigations into grad-student rep- 
resentation. They meet as a group 
once a month and casually every 
Friday night for Happy Hour at 


The Gymnastic's Club provides oppor- 
tunities for students to exercise and prac- 
tice gymnastic stunts and routines. Ttie 
Club meets twice a week providing both 
instruction and free exercise time. The 
members range in expertise from 
beginners to more advanced students, 
giving all levels equal opportunity for de- 

Susan Bailey 

Frank Carter (Co-Chairman) 

David Chatfield 

Ellen Coats (Co-Chairman) 

John Connors 

Roger Davis 

Christy Myatt 

Eddie Musselwhite 

Chris Shaper 

Knox White 


The Honor Council is a ten member or- 
ganization composed of two co-cliairmen 
elected by the previous year's council and 
two members of each class, elected by their 
respective classes. Its purpose is three-fold: 
1) to promote honorable behavior among 
Wake Forest students and faculty, 2) to in- 
vestigate and conduct trials of accused vio- 
lators of the Honor System, and 3) to disci- 
pline violators of the Honor System. 


The International Club is organized to encour- 
age smooth communication between the foreign 
students and the American students. It helps the 
foreign students to understand the American cul- 
ture and ways of life: to organize and implement 
programs pertaining to international affairs; to 
communicate and participate with other foreign 
students In North Carolina and the United States 
on international affairs. This year they had a variety 
of programs, sponsoring many concerts, speakers, 
and social activities. Their program, "One Country 
Each Week" is aimed at bringing to the Wake 
l^orest and Winston-Salem communities the truest 
possible picture of each country presented. 

Surein Abeyewardene 

Tapani Hayrinen 

Abby Archer 

Rose Milliard 

Richard Asaju 

Getho-Sontho Hill 

Ma Lourdes Barlolme 

Mohamed Bin Ismail 

V. Scott Bihl 

Ruta Kazakaitis 

Yolanda Bloom 

Lynda Kohnken 

Mary Frances Bolding 

Mary LaBarre 

Joyce Booker 

Carol Lawrence 

Freddie Boykin 

Rebecca Lee 

Margaret Brown 

Sophia Luong 

Bill Bryant 

Thabo Makara - Vice President 

Robert Calahan 

Sam Martin 

Barbara Cannberg 

Eric Morel 

Betty Chambers 

James Mulling 

Shui-feng Chang 

Junto Nagano 

Li-ten Chen 

Craig Nodtvedt 

Vueting Chou 

Mane Bernadette Raffeau 

Scott David 

Sanjeev Raghavan 

Devyani Desai 

Manisha Rhatheja 

Christopher de Belui Sweey 

Mashuda Randukwala 

Eduardo del Carmen 

R. Arun Kumar Rao 

Timothy Dttlow 

Vazgen Sarkislan 

Jan Alexandra Doub 

Chuula Simooya 

Maria Escobar 

Govit Sinthusek 

Clark Gaines 

Gregory Slaton 

John Gallahan 

David Tabor 

Carlos Ganoza 

Adil Talaysum 

Luis Fernando Garcia 

Krikor Tatoyan 

Leslie Garst 

Juergen Tschammer 

Andrew Richard Gluski 

Sam Tswana 

Ana Maria Gomez 

Chuan Tsu 

Mariano Gomez - President 

Susanna Maria Von Cannon 

Agnes Gonzales - Treasurer 

Janne White 

Eva Ester Gonzales 

Mark Wilson 

Alice Gray -Secretary 

Tiee Jian Wu 

Rex Hanby 

Elisabeth Wyche 

Steve Harrell 


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an 
organization composed of students who 
have answered the challenge to live In 
obedience to Jesus Christ. The three-fold 
purpose of Inter-Varsity is to share the 
good news of Christ on campus, to provide 
Bible study and fellowship for students, 
and to present the worldwide need of 

Russell Hilliard - Chairman 
Jell Hobart -Action Group Coordinator 
Becky Wray -Action Group Coordinator 
Kevin Cooper - Program Coordinator 
Rick Taylor - Evangelism Coordinator 


Paul Coble 
Ricky Cox 
Kent Drummond 
Brian Eckert 
Tom Fetzer 
Motty Hednck 
Jinn Macon 
Stuart Markman 
Mark Miller 
Vickie Noble 
Susie Roberts 

The twelve member student Judicial 
Board, elected from the student body, 
trys all charges of social misconduct 
and violations of University rules. The 
Judicial Board may issue a verbal rep- 
remand to a recommendation of sus- 
pension for the conviction of any in- 
dividual or organization. 


Dave Abernathy 

Murray Baker 

Tom Barefoot 

Ken Bell 

Libby Benjamin 

Sammy Black 

Eddie Booth 

Tom Bowers 

Van Britt - Pres. 

Bill Britt - Sec.-Treas- 

Scott Broyles 

Ken Butler 

Mark Carlisle 

Clay Damewood 

Henry Daniels 

Johnny DeLoache 

Dave Doulong 

Thane Duncan 

Rick Eudy 

Hill Evans 

Connie Everhart - V. Pres 

Joey Gentry 

Jim Gerlock 

Eva Gonzales 

Larry Hamrick 

John Hermansdorfer 

John Hicks 

Jay Johnson 

Charles Jones 

Stoney Jones 

Mark Kelly 

Hank Kudlinski 

Andy Liverman 

Amy McAlpine 

Bob McNeill 

Pat McNelly 

Herb Mashburn 

Brinkley Melvin 

Steve Miller 

Angle Peterman 

Dave Regan 

Bob Reid 

Dan Rheam 

Deborah Richardson 

C. Jay Robbins 

Darren Royal 

Jefl Sander 

Scheff Schelferman 

Paul Walters 

Peter Weedon 

Puss Wiederspahn 

Cris Windham 

Ken Yea rick 

MacLean Zehler 

Rick Heatley - Instructor 

The WFU Karate Club was formed to allow the stu- 
dents, faculty, and university community to partici- 
pate in a study of karate, the popular martial art. It is 
taught here in a university atmosphere by a certified 
instructor. The club engages in various social ac- 
tivities during the semester and visiting experts in the 
martial arts present clinics and demonstrations. 




Margaret Brown 

Ann Jackson 

Jean Denning 

Diane Raab 

Kathy Dorr 

Colleen Snavely 

Carolyn Lehoczky 

Sally Watkins 

Sue Satrom 



Jeff Schneider 

Gardner Campbell 

Benny Younger 

Brian Paul 

Robert Ulery 

The Madrigals are a student organization 
formed for ttie enjoyment and performance of 
sixteentli and seventeentfi century European 
music. Concerts are presented twice annually 
and are open to ttie public. The group is di- 
rected by Robert Ulery. 


Maritimers is a synchronized 
swimming group which meets 
once a week to practice and 
learn new stunts. Each spring 
they present a water show 
which runs for three nights. 
This winter, a one night 
Christmas performance was 
put on in December. 

Carol Sayer - President 
Sue Bower - Vice President 
Liz Loden - Secretary 
Treses Allsman - Publicity 
Robbie Sue Hall - Publicity 


no laifcjB^"^ 


Scott Smith - President 
John Gunn - Vice President 
John Redmond - Secretary 
Pete Miller - Treasurer 

M.R.C., the Men's Residence Council, is an 
organization open to all male students. Its pur- 
pose is to help students realize their potentials 
outside the classroom through various social, 
athletic, and academic programs. Although the 
main strength of M.R.C. is in the four houses 
themselves, they do present the semiannual 
raft race and Red Garter Weekend in the Fall. 


Davis House is based on the chivalric traditions of 
the Southern gentlemen. It is a social organization that 
prides itself on its stand for male chauvinism and its 
attempts to keep "Rock n Roll" alive and flourishing 
in our Western technocratic society. Davis House 
maintains a social calendar of constant feasts and de- 
bauchery based on the traditions of our ancient Roman 
ancestors, but always leaves enough time and effort 
open in order to lead our fellow scholars in the 
academic pursuits of the liberal arts. 


Kitchen House, striving to pull itself out of the cellar of cam- 
pus organizations, has begun a revitalization program. Kitchen 
House's activities included a semi-formal casino party, picnics, 
a square dance and a parents weekend breakfast. They also 
provided opportunities for the members to become involved in 
intramurals and an intra-house paper. 




Poteat House is a men's organization that em- 
phasizes academics, athletics, and social activities. 
All 185 members are active in all phases of campus 
life. Poteat is nonselective and its varied activities 
offer opportunities for all members to become in- 
volved in the House. Poteat presents the annual 
Sweetheart and Skimmer Balls along with activities at 
Homecoming and Christmas. 


Taylor House is more than simply a dormitory 
building. It is also an organization that is a 
member of the Men's Residence Council at 
Wake Forest. As a member of the f^RC. Taylor 
House attempts to maintain a residence house 
program for all its members under the goal of 
"total education." It is our belief that there is 
more to college than classrooms, lectures, 
books, and exams. A "total education" in- 
volves ones entire life at Wake Forest, thus, 
Taylor House has a program that combines 
the academic, social, and athletic phases of 
an education. 


The Outing Club Is a loosely knit organiza- 
tion whose participants enjoy experiencing a 
variety of outing activities and sharing their 
knowledge of the out-of-doors with others, 
h/lembership is open to the entire student 
body. Members engage in activities that in- 
clude spelunking, hang-gliding, back- 
packing, bicycling and canoeing. Outing Club 
also has equipment available for general stu- 
dent check-out and canoes are available on a 
rental basis. 

Paul Dickerson - President 
Cynthia Lewis - Vice President 
Fletcher Carter - Equipment IVIanager 

w ^mm?^^: 


The purposes of Orchesis are to provide in- 
struction in modern dance technique and 
basic barre work in ballet, opportunities for 
creative expression and awareness of the 
body instrument as a medium for communica- 
tion, and opportunities for choreographical 
and performing experiences. In March, Or- 
chesis presented a spring modern dance con- 
cert in the library's theatre. 

Laura Arneson 
Sandra Bean 
Claudia Blalock 
Lyn Blount 
Cathy Boyce 
Debbie Hisk 
Karen Holmes 
Carolyn Inman 
Jan Jones 
Gwinn Littleton 
Susan McFalls 
Margaret Rogers 
Kay Ruthoen 

fl ei2 


N.C. P.I.R.G. is a social-change organization 
created, funded and controlled by the college 
and university students of North Carolina. It is 
an independent nonprofit North Carolina cor- 
poration which seeks to serve the public inter- 
est by investigating and researching problems 
and using public education, administrative 
procedures, legislative lobbying, and litigation 
to seek solutions. Member students at each of 
the four campuses support P.I.R.G. by paying 
a three dollar membership fee. 

At Wake Forest, member students work on 
both state-wide and local projects: 1.) a Unit 
Pricing Survey, 2.) a survey to determine the 
availability of Advertised Specials and 3.) a 
project to determine how students can get ac- 
cess to their files at Wake Forest now that the 
Buckley Amendment has required Universities 
to open all student files. 

John Hare - Chairperson 

Margaret Rogers - 

State Board Representative 

Bill Bloss 

Mark Seabock 

Kathy Freeman 

Michael Macher 

Ginger Stillman 


Drake Eggleston - Editor 

General Staff: 

Kathie Amato - Assoc- Editor 

Bob Brett 

Joe Wilson - Hobbit-in-Charge 

Lynne Garmon 

Richard Wassort - Greeks 

Peggy Eaklns 

Stephanie Coleman - Organizations 

Steve Goodman 

Renee Wagner - Organizations 

Cindy Howe 

Janice Holmes - Sports 

Deborah Kegel 

Lee Lewis - Sports 

George Mewborn 

Mary McLean - Classes 

Lyn Tilley 

Susan Overstreet - Faculty & 

Liz Tornow 


Debbie Campbell 


Associate Editors: 
Brian Eckert 
Conrjie Cole 
Richard Carlson 


Scott Wilder 

Kathy Lee 

Steve Futrell 

Steve Goodman 

Bill Brown 

Chip Burrus 

Jack Nales II 

George Mewborn 

Harold Colson 

Leslie Garst 

Tom Bland 

Don Sensing 

Jean Ann Gordon 

Jan Ward 

Debbie Owens 

Jimmy Steel 

Bill Roebuck 

Karen Elkins 

Matt Booher 

Mark Atkinson 

Karen Bissell 

Mike Speas 

Kevin Ouinley 

Russ Schrader 

Steve Carpenter 

Ann Windon 

Mike Spragins 

Craig Shaffer 

Barbara Cleary 

The Student 

Editor - Bob Melton 

Associate Editor -Judy Haughee 

Staff - Sue Ellen Farmer 

George Mewborn 

Terry Weary 

Craig Sfiaffer 

Dondi Hach 

Kathy Heaphy 

Tyler Cox 

P. DO. Hemingway 
Artist-in-residence - 

Hobo Bob Kirctiman 

Business Staff 

Nancy Conrads. Scott Bottenus 
Co Business Managers 

Carol Chandler 
Craig Seaver 
Laura Smith 




The Student Government Association serves 
a dual purpose; to represent and promote the 
interest of all students in social and academic 
affairs, and to develop and cultivate lead- 

This year the Student Government's main 
goals are to examine and reform the Student 
Judiciary and to accentuate acknowledgement 
of students' rights and responsibilities within 
the University community. 



Bobby Kutteh - Treasure 

Andy Cromer - President 

Mary Koehne 

Andy Ciriaco - Vice-President 

Mike Lakusta 

Marta McCave - Secretary 

Randy Lee 

Bobby Kutteh - Treasurer 

Mike McCardell 

Mary Alleshouse 

Marc Miller 

Benny Angle 

Peter Miller 

Shelly Banks 

Cindy Moreland 

Eddie Barefoot 

John Pendergast 

Cathy Bolton 

Judy Peterson 

Jim Cam 

Rick Pinto 

Leann Clapp 

Sherry Reynolds 

Barbara Cleary 

Melanie Rhameys 

Stephanie Coleman 

Paul Ricci 

James Cornwall 

Allen Scarborough 

Henry Daniels 

Mike Sh err III 

Cindy Darnell 

Rob Showers 

Art Edgertton 

Glenn Simpson 

Tom Futghum 

Michael Smith 

Steve Gainey 

Warren Steen 

David Glass 

Beth Stickle 

John Godwin 

Wesley Sumpter 

Jane Goforth 

Dave Swanson 

John Gregory 

Jennifer Wallis 

Bruce Harshbarger 

Cathy Walton 

Jerry Hester 

Bill Woldon 

Clarke Hobson 

Rick Wilcox 

David Huffman 

Deborah Wilson 

Scott Hunter 

Bill Wood 

Marta McCav»^ Secretary 


Eddie Barefoot 

Ruth Marsh 

Andy Cromer 

Mike Sh err ill 

Jason Delooze 

Rob Showers 

Lauren Eastburn 

Edwin Uebele 

Bob Kutteh - Chairman 

The Student Budget Advisory Board examines and 
publishes the appropriations of the funds which 
apply to student activities and determines the wishes 
of the students in regards to the use of the funds. 
They also devise a budget for the use of funds which 
is submitted to the University Budget Committee. 


Kathie Amato 
Stephen Coles 
Jim Dubinsky 
Roberto Hunter 
Kevin Miller 
Charles Rush 

The six student members of the Student Life 
Committee serve two year terms on this faculty 
committee. They are voting members on the 
committee and act to represent the interests of 
the students in social and academic matters. 



The Student North Carolina Associa- 
tion of Educators provides its mem- 
bers with information to aid and en- 
hance their future careers. Lectures 
on topics ranging from student- 
teacher rights, drug problems and ra- 
cial conflict to job availability are given 
by visiting lawyers, principals, and 
members of Sundial. Panel discus- 
sions of the experiences of student 
teachers, along with leadership con- 
ferences and district and national 
conventions give future educators in- 
formation and experience they would 
otherwise not get in their classes. 

Joanne Atwell - Pres. 
Janet McDonald - First Vice-Pres. 
Carolyn Layton - Second Vice-Pres. 
Stephanie Williams - Sec.-Treas. 
Brenda Hardlson - Ctiapter 


Doug Murray - Director 

Judy Hays - Secretary 

Taylor Field - Publicity 

Kathy Dorr - Tutoring 

Richard Hooley - Big BrotherlBig Sister 

Annie Boyd - Children's Enrichment 

Jeff Calvert - Youth Enrichment 

Rich Bidlack -Adult Education 

Jan Buckner - Adult Enrichment 

The Urban Services Referral Bureau works 
as a clearing house placing Wake students in 
volunteer positions. Entirely student run, 
USRB vi/orks out the transportation and 
scheduling problems of each volunteer. 
USRB works with Forsyth Hospital for volun- 
teer work and with the county prison on a 
tutoring program. Also, twice each year, 
USRB coordinates Super-Saturday, a 
campus-wide event for underprivileged and 
orphaned children. 




Susan Bass 

Paul Ingles 

Mike Beightol 

Mitch Lewis 

Richard Byrd - 

Roberto Hunter 

Student Station Manager 

John Stamey 

Tom Cloud 

Tom Robinson 

Fred Hubbard 

Lynn Baucom 

Brian Lewis 

Abner Wright 

Steve Marlow - 

Mary Beth Touchstone 

Student Engineer 

Cathy Taylor 

Steve Pendlebury 

Tern Rowland 

Randy Noftle 

Rick Francis 

Tom Waldenfels 

Frank Jones 

Mark Wilson 

Glen Cook 

Lou Sparks 

Ken Bannister 

Valerie Scott 

Jeff Chiltom 


WRC's purpose is to represent the 
women students' concerns and inter- 
ests. We sponsor women's concerns, 
lectures and seminars, dances, dorm 
functions, and the annual Women's 
Celebration Week. 


The Wake Forest Soccer Club 
brings together university students 
and Winston-Salem residents who are 
interested in soccer. They compete in 
the North Carolina Soccer League 
and plan to start a varsity team next 
year to compete in intercollegiate 
games on behalf of Wake Forest. The 
success of soccer on this campus, 
like any other major sport here at 
Wake Forest, can come about as a re- 
sult of financial as well as moral sup- 

Thabo Makara - 


Alfredo Gurrero 

- Captain 

Terry Donnelly - 


Mike Matossian 

- Official 




Albert Anderson 
Rick Archer 
David Billips 
Malcolm Boswell 
Alisa Boyette 
Mark Bradshaw 
Tim Browder 
Jan Buckner 
Brad Bute 
Genia Chreitzberg 
Cindy Cloud 
Steve Daniel 
Ralph Eddy 

Tim Fain 
Tom Fehring 
Don Francis 
Cornelia Franz 
Don Girard 
Wilson Holland 
Gerry Hopkins 
Bob Kirk 
Stuart Lee 
Harry Little 
Robert Marley 
Brian Maxey 
Anne Minard 

Bill Mooney 
Thomas Mullinax 
David Newman 
Rod Powell 
Cecil Price 
Tom Smith 
Rick Stegall 
Gil man Tyler 
Gary Vukov 
Hugh Warner 
Andy White 
Harlan Wichelhaus 
Bill Wyttenbach 

Richard Bidlack 
Stanley Carmical 
Thomas Cloud 
Robert Draim 
Kathryn Fincher 
Willard Fisher Jr. 
Andrew Fix 
Linda Gard 
James Graham 
Richard Hause 
Joseph Hays III. 
Ann Heffelfinger 
Janet Hyatt 

Edwin King Jr. 
Charles Kinlaw 
Cathy Martin 
Susan Mason 
James Morgan 
Mary Neal 
Sigrid Sarnoff 
Robert Showers Jr. 
Jeffry Sivon 
David Weaver 
Knox White 
Grant Whitney Jr. 


David Abernethy 
Sarah Brown 
Kent Kimbrough 
Sally Krome 
Phil Miller 
Sandra Peg ram 
Robert Vatighan 
Robert Wornble 

Jsan Alberts 
Rick Archer 
William Batten 
Jeffery Bellisario 
Samuel Britt 
Timothy Browder 
Susan Chandler 
Laura Ervin 
Donald Francis 

Patricia Fritz 
Debbie Fyffe 
Stephanie Glenn 
Anne Hallowell 
Patricia Hatcher 
Ruthann Hibbs 
Ned Holland 
Kenneth Lee 
Julie McConaughey 

Robert Marley 
Kurt Meyers 
Sandy Miller 
William Mooney 
Larry Norton 
Susan Overstreet 
Mary Padgett 
Constance Parkeson 
John Pruitt 

Jane Rawson 
Ernest Rushing 
Dinah Shore 
Stephen Smith 
Sam Tswana 
Charles Vogel 
John Weaver 
Janet Yu 




Gregory Ball 
Sarah Brown 
Reginald Combs 
David Gouwens 
Walter Hartel 
Patricia Hatcher 
Leah Henry 
James Knight 
Sarah Krome 
Susan Patterson 
Sigrid Sarnoff 
Gerald Spencer 
Richard Vance 
Robert Vaughan 

Janice Ayers 
Barbara Banks 
James Batch el or 
James Bowman 
Carroll Brundred 
Andy Ciriaco 
Mark Ellison 
Laura Ferrell 
Terry Hatworth 
Kathleen Heaphy 
Ned Holland 
Jeff Kinlaw 

Beck IVIcMillan 
Debbie Ivlerritt 
Richard fvloore 
Craig Nodtvedt 
Elaine Pope 
Carol Pullekines 
Janet Raschke 
Sheila Shearin 
Clark Slaydon 
Jules Smythe 
Steve Tate 
Donna Whisenhunt 
James Wilkes 

Karen Bissell 
Constance Cote 
Sara Krome 
Almena Lowe 
Debra l\^clain 
Kathryn t\/lcMurtry 
Laurie Parker 
Jeri Radich 
Deborah Richardson 
Judith Haughee 
Diane Raab 

Ken Atkins 
Lourdcs Bartolcme 
Tom Druitt 
George Jone^ 
Bob Melton 
Joe Sallenger 


Carol Adair 
Felecia Altmeyer 
Becky Bowen 
James Carroll 
Thomas Cloud 
Ann Davis 
Timothy Farley 
J. Taylor Field 
Cornelia Franz 

Janice Holmes 
James MacDougall 
Joseph Middleton 
Joseph Sallenger 
John Sanders 
Sandra Smith 
Stephen Smith 
Richard Warren 
William White 


Richard Carlson 
Scott Cutler 
Stephen Duin 
David Elliott 
Jonathan leCrone 
Robert Melton 
Scott Smith 
Stephen Smith 
Robin Vinson 
Knox White 



Wayne Furin 
Jeanne Murphy 
Harold C. Tedford 
David Welker 
Donald H. Wolfe 

l/l/a/ce Forest 
In Venice 


. - „ f.i. . ui^- 

lii^iS '""""T iT j adi ' 

i i i M i fi & - 


Roatan Island 

Due largely to the efforts of Dr. David 
Evans, Professor of Anthropology, Wake 
Forest has established an Overseas Re- 
search Center on Roatan Island, Honduras- 
Land has been purchased on the island to 
establish a permanent site from which stu- 
dents may study the problems of emerging 
nations at first hand. 

\ \V^ 





Lanford Wilson 

James Barrie 


Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 


Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley 


William Shakespeare 



"'Bf5ucl)t'n &e unscrc X^orstclluin] 

con '§apps 'Birt!)tiaT5/B3an5a \inr\e' 


■^»l r^ KI-KVAllTH CD. — 




Fleetwood Mac 

Harry Chapin 



''\ 1 


y *^ K 




H ^ 

^ m'-«l*''''/E 

. - if . ¥ 

Mr^' •f •■*..¥ 

■■■,•■ vCVJ-^J** 

y^ ii^:y>^'-''.r--/' 


I 142 


■f ^ jtp^ 

>, ^ i" • ^ '/- 


Field Hockey 

Beth Bowen 
Donna Dulong 
Giriny Epenshade 
Anne Forrest 
Cindi Ives 
Sybil Jackson 
Molly Lambrlght 
Becky Miller 
Sandy Miller 
Dougie Oliver 
Greta Jempleton 
Jeanne Thompson 
Renee Wagner 
Jennifer Wallis 
Judy Watkins 
Sahron Wheatly 
Janne White 
Trish Watkins 


Peck Ames 
Jim Appier 
Mark Arnold 
Barry Baker 
Ralph Bottenus 
Pat Callahan 
Larry Carmack 
Jim Carpenter 
FranI Ceraso 
Jim Clapper 
George Daniel 
Bob Ess 
Taylor Field 
Kevin Frazier 
Mike Gafney 
Sean Ganzert 
Chris Ganzert 
Tom Greene 
Chip Hagan 
Jason Haney 
Bob Humphrey 
Tom Huntsman 
Scott Hoffman 

Cliff Jernigan 
Hugo Lane 
Daniel Linville 
Daniel Litteral 
Grant Lynch 
Neil Marcus 
Woody Mendenhall 
Peter Miller 
Angela Monaco 
Bill McLeester 
John McNulty 
Jim Narkunas 
Lawson Newton 
Mark Northam 
Hugh Quimby 
Dick Ramsey 
Tom Rozanski 
Gordon Skeeters 
Cliff Travison 
Karl West 
Dan Whittelsey 
Mark Zahn 


Bob Boone 
Marty Brown 
Steve Horosko 
John Jackson 
Rick Potter 
Don Sensing 
Stran Summers 
Thomas Van Camp 


Mark Anderson 
Bill Armstrong 
Harry Bailey 
Doug Benfield 
John Bryant 
John Bryce 
Joe Bunch 
Rich Burr 
Randy Carroll 
Jerry Cartwright 
Don Cervi 
Steve Check 
Mark Cr eager 
Carl Curry 
John Dowdell 
Jim Dumser 
Urban Eriksson 
Soloman Everett 
Tom Fehring 
Kevin Firquin 
Dan Fulton 
Clark Gaines 
Terry Giblin 
David Harris 
J.D. Harris 
Frank Harsh 
Lew Henderson 
Dave Hettinger 
Gerald Hopkins 
Randy Ladutko 
Dave LaCrosse 
Mike LaVallee 

Jim Lloyd 
Bruce Lovato 
Jim Mach 
Mark Mattiko 
Mike Milanovich 
Bill Millner 
Gary Moody 
Ed McDonald 
Mike McGlamry 
Jerry McManus 
Jim Page 
Tom Parker 
Bob Richards 
Larry Rogers 
Stan Rolark 
Don Sabia 
John Sabia 
Walter Sims 
Dan Smading 
Kris Spilsbury 
Larry Tearry 
Lou Tilley 
Mike Tucciarone 
Angela Washington 
Don Weadley 
Dan White 
Dave Wiatr 
Bob Williams 
Randy Woodle 
Steve Young 
John Zeglinski 
Alan Zyskowski 

Cross Country 

Kevin Amigh 
Donald Baker 
James Carscaddon 
Dennis Dolny 
John Hancock 
Thomas Jeffries 
John Kavanagh 
Thomas Littell 
Mike lacobucci 
Tom Rae 
James Stevens 
Michael Tyner 


Ellen Afford 
Janet Gebbie 
Stephanie Gfenn 
Patricia Graham 
Janet Hopper 
Kelly Jordan 
Janet Lucas 
Robin McFarlin 
Roper Osborne 
Laurie Parker 
Jane Satchell 
Gwen Williams 
Linda Kelly 

Women's Basketball 

Ellen Afford 
Bobbie Wren Banks 
Mary Ann Black 
Karyn Esser 
Pris Healy 
Kelly Jordan 
Janet Lucas 
Hester Lyndsay 
Jill MacKinnon 
Roper Osborne 
Sandra Smith 
Gwen Williams 


Skip Brown 
Mark Dale 
Maurice Davis 
Charley Floyd 
Lee Foye 
Rod Griffin 
Larry Harrison 
Henry Hicks 
Don Mullnix 
A I My an 
Mike Palma 
Daryl Peterson 
Jerry Schellenberg 
Steve Young 


Jess Bailes 
Bob Byman 
Bob Chalanick 
Bill Chapman 
Mike Dare 
Wayne DeFrancesco 
Jay Haas 
Dave Gesmundo 
Jim Haney 
Scott Hoch 
Jay Isenhour 
Mike Moraghan 
Richard Muller 
John Pratt 
Robbie Robinson 
Tim Saylor 
Joe Sills 
Curtis Strange 
David Thore 
Mark Tinder 
Grant Whitney 
Phil Zambos 

Women's Golf 

Barbara Calahan 
Kathy Dunbar 
Libby McCluer 
Linda Sattler 
Valery Scott 
Susan Scripsema 


Chris Blair 
Sumner Chase 
Tapi Hayrinen 
Chip Koury 
Sammy Martin 
John Pierce 
Chuck Straley 

Women's Tennis 

Julie Darracott 
Jean Eld ridge 
Ann Konhaus 
Sally Mendenhall 
Nancy Monroe 
Judy Pazdan 
Peggy Sheenan 
Lora Smeltzly 
Claudia Smith 
Ann Tholstrup 
Sarah Young 


Kevin Amigh 
Donald Baker 
Kitty Consolo 
Dennis Dolny 
Jean Eldridge 
Michael Gunn 
John Hancock 
Brett Howser 
Mike lacobucci 
John Kavanagh 
Peter Kelly 
Tom Littell 
John Lowden 
Thomas Moore 
Lawrence Moores 
John Quintan 
Tom Rae 
David Salvatore 
John Scratchard 
William Shannon 
James Stevens 
Walter Thompson 
Micheal Tyner 


Scott Austin 
Chuck Baker 
Kenny Baker 
Bill Conwelt 
Chip Darracott 
Pete Dillinger 
Vic Elliot 
Ken Gerrity 
Doug Hall 
Bob Hety 
Merle Henkel 
Doug Henley 
Chuck Irving 
Dale Jenkins 
Stan Johnson 
Kurt Kornhaus 
Steve Latham 
Bobby Lawton 
Ken Miller 
Gary Moody 
Jimmy Moore 
Jerry Schetlenberg 
Abba Waller 
Ken Wood 
Jim York 
John Zeglinski 
Alan Zyskowski 


Bruce Beckert 
Gary Bice 
Bill Blalock 
Bill Bucher 
Jeff Calvert 
Hadley Cash 
Pete Clauson 
Bruce Copus 
Mike Gaona 
Don Gilchrist 
Rick Henderson 
Rich Hooley 
Brian Jackson 
Steve Kratt 
David Kunz 
Allen Lydick 
Glenn Matteson 
Christie Myatt 
Margaret Parker 
Robert Reed 
John Regan 
Phillip Regan 
Jim Robinson 
Herman Schmid 
Rob Team 
Robert Trivette 
David Yealy 


For the second year in a row the Demon 
Deacon cheerleading squad ranked tenth in 
the nation in ratings made by the Interna- 
tional Cheerleading Foundation. Led by All 
American Jeff Dobbs the cheerleaders have 
developed a display v\/hich combines vivacious 
choreography with dynamic acrobatics. Their 
long hours devoted to practice and precision 
have obviously been well spent since they 
provide a main attraction for the fans at 
any sports contest and, most importantly, 
stimulate the spectators to produce "the 
big roar." Other members of the squad are 
India Early, Ruth Whitworth, Steve Smith, 
Barb DeFerrari, Diane Raab, Paul Henning, 
Ray Crawford, Ann Killian, Mike Williamson, 
Ben Davis, Sarah Doyle and Gary Dark. 



.•^^■9*«»»«>N«.^' -• -r-'-'-.c^W-^^v;- «^^5t*i's^ 



Wake Forest Basketball 
1976 Big Four Champs 

Wake 95 Carolina 83 
Wake 93 State 78 

Ten straight season opening wins. 
Including victories over North 
Carolina and N.C. State, two of the 
nation's top-ranked teams, should 
earn a basketball team some reward. 
So It was this year for Wake; the re- 
ward came In the form of the number 
5 national ranking. An unanticipated 
loss to Virginia broke the win streak 
but the team bounced back with a 
tremendous victory over number 2 
ranked Maryland and seemed to be 
on their way to a substantial showing 
In the ACC. 

Unfortunately, the notoriety proved 
to be more than Wake could handle 
and the team fell Into Its patented ac- 
cordion act at mid season. Overtime 
losses to Duke and Carolina hurt 
especially though the team then re- 
bounded with three straight confer- 
ence wins before losing a 
heartbreaker to N.C State. 

Wake's last second 
loss to the Wolf pack in 
Raleigh was quickly 
avenged by a Deacon 
victory at home. Spur- 
red on by this 
season-closing con- 
ference victory the 
team and fans alike 
looked to the ACC 
Tournament with 

hopes for a Deacon 
performance identical 
to that of the Big Four. 
Such was not the out- 
come however as the 
team turned in a 
lackluster effort in los- 
ing to Clemson in the 
opening round. 


.mmm-irmu ^ 



iS^,^ ^^^ ' jCJgJ^ ^ 

Though picked in the early 
season to finish last in the 
A.C.C.. a poised and deter- 
mined Deacon football team 
showed this year that past 
records are irrelevant. Despite 
a 3-8 finish, the team enjoyed 
its best season in four years 
and were it not for some close 
decisions such as the last mi- 
nute 16-14 loss to Clemson in 
Death Valley the Deacons 
record could easily have sur- 
passed the .500 mark. 

The season was highlighted 
by several exciting moments 
for both team and tans, par- 
ticularly because the Deacons 
displayed a more varied and 
effective offensive attack this 
year. For the first time in four 
years Wake Forest scored a 
touchdown against archrival 
North Carolina and went on to 
win the game 21-9. This vic- 
tory came after an overwhelm- 
ing mauhling of Virginia 66-21. 
Few will soon forget the first 
season victory over N.C. State. 
30-22. as the Deacons, led by 
quarterback Jerry fVlcManus 
and fullback Clark "Super" 
Gaines on offense and All- 
American safety Bill 

Armstrong picked apart the 
nationally ranked Wolfpack. 







1975 NCAA 


The men's golf team swept 
to its second straight NCAA 
Championship to conclude a 
nearly flawless 1975 season. 
Jay Haas captured the indi- 
vidual title while Curtis 
Strange and Bob Byman 
placed third and fifth re- 
spectively. The prospects for a 
repeat performance in 1976 
seem bright as the team con- 
tinued its winning streak this 
past fall with team and indi- 
vidual victories in the Dixie 
Inter-collegiate and Duke Fall 
Invitational tournaments. 
Coach Jesse Haddock won 
NCAA Coach of the Year hon- 
ors for 1975. 


♦i* *»•» . . 




















V* '.rt't 







./■'■^:^.^'- '■■'' 



Track f 


The Women's Volleyball team enjoyed 
unprecedented success this past season, 
advancing undefeated through regional 
play to win the Small College State 
Championship and the Region II title. 
Led by seniors Gwen Williams. Laurie 
Parker. Kelly Jordan, and Roper Os- 
borne, the team then competed in the 
national tournament but was elimi- 
nated in the third round, ending the 
season with a 31-9 record overall. 

Dave Abernethy 

Wesley F Agee 

Jean Mane Alberts 

Edward L Alderman 

Jane C. Allen 

Willaim G. Allen 

Henry P. Ames 

James E. Amos 

Albert C. Anderson 

Mark L Anderson 

Ben/amin C Angle 

Timothy D Apple 

James A Appier 

Calvin Ft Armlstead 

Hallie Arrington 

Joanne R Atwetl 

Jayne B. Ayers 

Harry Edward Bailey 

James L. Batch 
Gregory L Ball 
Charles E Barefoot 
Glenn Barkley 
Bert C. Barnes 
Sharon L. Barnett 

Dennie T- Bartol 
Thomas J Barton 
Susan Bass 
Lewie L. Bates 
Barbara Batson 
Jefferson V. Beaie 

John F Bear 
Beverly A. Beebe 
Jeffrey Bellisano 
Gary C. Bender 
Douglas R Benfield 
Neaf A. Berkowitz 

Louis M. Beto 
Richard L. Biegel 
Lynn E Bird 
Karen R Bissell 
Willis E- Blachwelder 
Courtney Blackweli 

Yolanda D. Bloom 
Lynn Blount 

Bruce C Boeger 
Robin /., Bogue 

Harry A. Boles 
Joyce Booker 


Gayle Booth 

Pete Bosmajian 

William S Bottenus 

Gerald R Bouchard 

David M Bowers 

Harry J Bowers 

Russell R. Bowling 
Freddie F Boykin 
Charles R. Bradley 
Philip S Bradshaw 
Nancy E Brawley 
Jo Ellen Brewton 

Stephen Brewton 

Dewey H Bridger 

Samuel Britt 

Thomas Brltt 

Alan K Brown 

Martin L. Brown 


Sarah E. Brown 

Steven D. Brown 

Roger P Brownlee 

James E Broyhill 

Joanne Bruschi 

Anne S Bryan 

John Waller Bryant 

Jan Craig Buckner 

Richard E Bullard 

Joseph H Bunch 

Mary Burgess 

Susan H. Burroughs 

Jean L Butler 
Joni K Byerly 

Harry L Bynum 
Richard P Byrd 

Robert P Calahan 
J.T. Cardwell 

Joseph Carpenter 
Jerry Cartwnght 
James Hadley Cash 
Scott E. Chant 
Genia Chreitzberg 
Andrew Ciriaco 

Pamela A Clagett 
Tom S Clarke 
I. Kenneth Clay 
Michael F- Clayton 
Keith A. Clinard 
Thomas Cloud 

Dons E. Coats 
Paul y. Coble 
Constance Cole 
Vanessa Coleman 
James M. Collier 
Cathy M. Colvard 

Nancy S Conrads 
Y/illiam L Conwell 
J-H Corpening 
James Costigan 
John M Costine 
A Brian Coward 

Richard L. Cox 
Anderson Cromer 

Karen Crutchtield 
Richard S. Daniel 

Robert M. Davidson 
Elizabeth A. Davis 

Robert C. Davis 
Stephen W. Davis 

Barbara Deferrari 
Mark F^ Dehler 

Charles Dejarnette 
Leslie A Denson 

Paul N. Dicl<erson 
William B Dickerson 

Michael J Dinnen 
Annie D. Donaldson 

Patricia Dorwart 

Jan A Doub 

Robert E. Drairn 

Thomas J. Druitt 

Russell C. Dubberly 

Deborah E. Dubose 

Susan Diane Dun 
Timothy fl. Eaton 
Robert A. Eberle 
Brian H. Eckert 
Ralph R. Eddy 
William B. Eddy 

Drake S- Eggleston 
Don P. Elium 
David R Elliott 
Stephen C. Ellis 
Robert Ellison 
Kenneth Ellzey 

Julie A. Ennis 
Claudia Fernandes 
Laura F Ferrell 
Taylor Field 
Garland G- Fincher 
Kathryn G. Fincher 

Kellee P. Finn 
Kevin M Firquin 
Wiltard H. Fisher 
Nancy S. Fowler 
Donald Francis 
Lynda E. Francis 

Steven M Frank 
Kevin Frazier 
Patricia A Fritz 
William Fulton 
Sherry M. Funke 
Wayne M. Furin 

Deborah Fyfle 
Steve M. Gainey 
Lewis R. Gaskin 

Thomas K. George 
Pamela M. Giesler 
Russell M Gifford 

Donald B. Gilchrist 

Gregory E. Godwin 

John Godwin 

Agnes G Gonzales 

John P Goodman 

Amelia A. Goulding 

James T. Graham 

Timothy H. Graham 

Lucy Greene 

Robert Gunst f, 
Thomas Gustafson jj^ 

Michael E. Hager 

Gloria C. Hagins 

John F^ Hall 

Wanda K. Hall 

Eleanor P Hamilton 

Arreta Hamrick 

Jim Haney 

Brenda L Hardison 

Lawrence Hardy 

Deborah L. Harrell 

Stephen R Harrell 

Sharon A. Harris 

Bruce Hanhbarger 
James D Hastings 
Patricia L Hatcher 
Judith K. Haughee 
Richard L Hause 
Michael J Havrilta 

John L. Hawkins 
Randy E Hawkins 
Joseph C Hays 
Judith L Hays 
Terry A Hayworth 
Joe Hazelwood 

Ingram Hedgpeth 
Dermot C- Hedrick 
Ann Heffelfinger 
Fred W Hege 
Leah Henry 
Bruce Herman 

Glenn A Hewitt 
Henry L. Hicks 
Kathenne R Hill 

Martha J Hines 
William Hinman 
Delores M. Hipps 

Stephen G. Hix 
Jeffrey E. Hobart 
Catherine C- Hobson 

Felix M. Hobson 
Wayne Hodges 
Janice M Holmes 

Hennette Holoman 

Joanne Holth 

William C. Honeycutt 

Joan Hope 

Gerald G. Hopkins 

Charles A Hosteller 

Fred Hubbard 

John H. Hudson, Jr 

Paula S. Huffinas 

Roberto J- Hunter 

Scott A. Hunter 

William Jackson 

Gary James 

Robert Jarnagin 

Daniel J ax el 

Thomas A. Jeffries 

James W Jenkins 

Kenneth B. Jennings 

Cedric C. Jernigan 

Doris S. Jessup 

Todd C. Johnson 

Keith G. Jolly 

Frank Jones 

George R. Jones 

Larry V. Jones 

Millie J Jones 

Elizabeth Jordan 

Jeanette K. Jordan 

Patricia K. Jordan 

J ere D. Judd 

Anthony Kahn 
Anthony Kallichs 
John S. Karel 

Diane L- Keyser 
John Kiefer 
Kent Kimbrough 
Edwin Wallace King 

Brian Kingsley 
Charles J. Kinlaw 
David Knight 
Kathryn E. Kornegay 
Carly Kreider 
Joseph A. Kuhn 

David G Kunzam 
Billie J. Lambert 
Molly J Lambright 
Thomas M Lane. Jr 
Ann E. Laney 
Steven R. Latham 

Richard D Lavi/s 
Carolyn Layton 
Jonathan B. LeCrone 
Allison D. Lee 
Chans A Lee 
Debbie G Lewis 

Karen A Kewis 

Garrison T. Under 

Scott Lippmann 

William r. Lipscomb 

Daniel P Litteral 

Harry M Little 

R Alan Lockyear 

William Loucks 

Linda Lowden 

Almena C Lowe 

Leon A Lucas 

Fred Lupton 

James E Lyie 

Kinsler Boyd Mack. Jr. 

James A. Macon 

Julie E Maconaughey 

Connie C. Mansfield 

Richard D. Marino 

Tony R Marion 

Stuart C Markman 

Ann Mane Marsh 

Mary Ruth Marsh 

Cathy L Martin 

Sammy Martin 

Sheila K. Martin 
Steve R. Martin 
Susan T. Mason 
Marilyn E. Massey 
David R. Maurer 
Richard Maxey 

.1 li^''ii^ 

Amy S McAlpine 
John M. McAipine 
Donna M. McArthur 
John L McCann. HI 
Jackson B McCarly 
Mark McClelland 

Virginia J McDonald 
Thomas McGraw 
Thomas A Mclnteer 
Peter J. Mclntyre 
Kathryn A. McMurtry 
Paula W. Meador 

Pamela A- Medlin 
Carol Melton 
Robert G Melton 
Deborah M Merritt 
Rachel Messina 
Michael A Meyer 

Kurt E. Meyers 
Bruce H Milam 
Kenneth D. Miller 
John D Mills 
Clyde C. Minges 
Stephen P. Mitchem 

Denny G Mobley 
James Louis Moilan 
Paul J. Monsuse 
Richard A. Moore 
Strauss M. Moore 
Mike E. Mcrrisett 


Henry Moses 

Carl Mullen 

Thomas R. Mullmax 

Jill Murray 

Michael D Murray 

Eugene Muse 

Tracy J Myers 

Carolyn Nash 

Ste^e K. Nations 

Mary W Neal 

Samuel H Nelson 

Susan B Nelson 

Gwendolyn Nergart 

Pamela J. Newsome 

Thomas L Newton 

Donna J Niquette 

Randall S Noftle 

Mark A Northam 

Larry Norton 

Jacob Carl Nye 

Thomas D O'Brien 

Stuart Oglesby 

Thomas J O'Hara 

Roy E Oliphant 

Rynn Olsen 

Theodore D Oiban 

Mary R Osborne 

Donald Owens 

Mary H Padgett 

Laura J Parker 

Marguerite Patterson 

Patricia Patterson 

Stetanie Paulos 

Sandra K Pegram 

William D Perry man 

Daryl E Peterson 

Ronald Plister 

Glen A Phillips 

Michael Plyler 

Gerald W. Powell 

Melissa A Powell 

Malcom R. Powell 

Pamela Powell 
Laney S. Pregnali 
Robert W. Pnchard 
John P Pruitt 
Carol Pullekines 
Helen V. Purgason 

Kevin Quinley 
Diane L. Raab 
Jen L. Radtch 
Mark L. Raker 
Anita G Randall 
William H. Ray 

Kennetti Reckenbeil 
Roslyn Redfearn 
Malina Reed 
Ralph W. Reich 
Michael Reynolds 
Paul Ricci 

Deborah Richardson 
Robert F Richbourg 
Phyllis Rinehart 
Susan Rink 
Robert Risen 
Albert B. Rives 

Luann Roberts 
Susan L Roberts 
Robin Robertson 
Lucy M Ross 
Ira M. Ruby 
Dean Saitta 

Dianne A Sales 
John Sands 
Sigrid Sarnoff 
Carol M. Sayer 
Melvin J. Scales 
T. Allen Scarborough 

Morgan R- Scott 
Valeiy C. Scott 
Stanley I.. Sears 
Craig V Seaver 
E Scott Seawell 
Caroline C. Seydell 


Ramsey E. Shaner 
Gail B- Sharp 
K&,', C. Sharp 

Leon Shaw 

Robert G^ Shields 

Sarah Shoaf 

Clarencene Shore 

Henry E Shore. Jr. 

John E. Simms 

Barbara A. Simpson 
John W. Skinner 
Richard W. Slate 

3ooker T Sloan. Jr. 

Cynthia Smith 

Julian Smith 

Linda K. Smith 
Lisa Smith 
Nancy L Smith 
Sandra M Smith 
Scott A. Smith 
Stephen Smith 

Jules W. Smythe 
Dwight Snow 

William K. Sparks 
Gerald Spencer 
Olive A Squires 
Allyn M. Staton 

Warren Steen 
Carroll R. Stegall 
Charles S Stewart 

krSf Donald A. Stewart 

<^ John A. Stillman 
SJI Jonathan Strawsburg 

Dennis Stress 
Daniel L Stroupe 
James Sullivan 

Charles W. Sumpter 
Dianne Swing 
Keith Szendrey 

Charles D Tabor 
Adil T Talaysum 
William Tate 

Beth Taylor 
Betty Sue Taylor 
Leeanne Taylor 

Tommy Taylor 
i' yi Greta Templeton 

1 '"•■ <.*„• Dennis C- Tesh 

Dorris Thompson 

Elizabeth Thornhill 

Aialon A. Tillery 

Janine S. Tillett 

Forrest TiHey 

Mark J. Todd 

Margaret Townsend 
Timothy Tremblay 
Sam A. Tswanna 

Douglas C Turnage 
William B. Turner 
Charles Valentine 

Ray J. Vallor 

Jacqueline VanAnda 

Richard P Vance 

Robin K. Vinson 

John H Wagstall 

Steven B. Walk 

Gordon R. Walker 

Randy Wallace 

Mark Wallendjack 

Paul F Walpole 

Terry A. Warco 

James O. Warren 

Richard C Wanen 
Richard Wasson 
Whitney Watson 
Thomas N Weaver 
William H. Weldon 
Dorothy Walker 

William S. Wells 
Sharon L. Wheatley 
Mark A. Wheeler 
David C. Whilden 
Knox H White 
Daniel Whittelsey 

James J- Whyte 
Coby Wick man 
Charles Wiedmann 
David Wiener 
Richard S. Wilcox 
Frances Williams 

Gwen M. Williams 
Stephanie Williams 
Joe A. Wilson 
Jamie K. Woltaston 
Joanne M Wood 
Henry Woodall 

Charles Woodbury 
Hannah Worth 
Anthony Wright 
David J. Wyche 
Mark O. Yandte 
Jeffrey Yohn 

Benny Younger 
Jean C. Younger 

Robert W- Zetiff 
Susan Zellmer 

ABRAMS. Douglas Breen. Greenville. S C 
AGEE. Wesley Floyd Huntmglcn. West Virginia. BS Busi- 
ness. Sigma Phi Epsilon !FC Rep 2. Alumm Chair- 
man 3. President 4. Intertraiemity Council VP 3. 
President 4. Young Republicans 1, Gourmet Club 4. Intra- 

ALBERTS. Jean M . Belhe. 

. Md 

ALDERMAN. Edf/ard Lane. Jr. Nashville. Tenn B.A. Fn- 
ghsh. OLD GOLD AND BLACK Associate Sports Ed 
3. Sports Ed. 4: Rugby Team 3.4, Intramurals 1 2.3 J USRB 
1.2. Pcteat House 1,2,3,4. Senator 3; SBAC 3: SG Aihieiic 
Committee 3,4. 

ALLEN. Jane C. Danville. Va 
ALLEN. William G . Ramsreur. N C 

AMES. Henry Peck. III. Ft Lauderdale. Fla B.A. Chemistry 
ROTO Rugby Club Treasurer 3.4. American Chem- 
ical Society Member 3.4. Scavard and Blade 4.. 
AMOS. James E.. Jr , Kings Mountam. N.C. 
ANDERSON. Albert Charles. Wake Forest. N.C. B.S. Math- 
ematics. Poteat House Hankins Scholar 1.2,3.4: 
Alpha Epsilon Delta 3.4 
ANDERSON. Patncia K . Burton. S.C. 
ANGLE. Ben/amin C . Jr . Sloneville. N.C 
APPLE. Timothy D . Greensboro, N.C. 

APPLER. James Andrew. Berkeley Hts., N.J; B.S. Math and 
Accounting. Swimming team 1. Rugby Club 2.3.4. Lambda 
Chi Alpha 2.3.4 

ARCHER. Santord. Wantagli. N.Y. 

ARMISTEAD. Calvin R., Pensacola. Fla: B.A. Psychology 
ARRINGTON. Hallie Scoit. Wake Forest. N C; B A Religion 
WFU Touring Choir 1.2.3, Davis Chapel Choir 1: Baptist Stu- 
dent Union WFU Chapel Choir 1.2,3; Lower Division 
Student 4d//sor for Freshmen 3.4; Intervarsity Christian Fel- 
lowhship Religion Department Assistant 3.4 
ATWELL. Joanne Rachael. Rocky Mount. N.C. BA Inter- 
mediate Education. WRC Representative 2. USRB 2. Student 
NC Association of Educators 3,4. President 3.4. Cluster 
Coordinator 3.4; N.C. Advisory Council on Teacher Educa- 
tion 4. Commission on Instruction and Professional De- 
velopment 4; SNCAE 3.4. 
AYERS. Jayne B ; Winston-Salem. N.C. 
BAILEY. Harry E.; Leviltown. Pa. 
BAKER, David R., Florence. S.C. 
BALCH. James Lucas; West Suffield. Cn. 

Phi Beta Kappa 3,4; Eta Sigma Pi 1.2.3. 
8.ANKS, John M.. Ptalftown, N.C. 

BAREFOOT. Charles Edward, Jr.; Raeford. N.C. B.A Poli- 
tics and History: Poteat House 1.2,3.4. Senator 4. USRB 1: 
College Republicans 1. Intramurals 2.3.4; Student Govern- 
ment Representative 2. Treasurer 3. Representative 4, 
Chairman Appropriations and Budget Committee 4. Chair- 
man Student Budget Advisory Committee 3,4 
BARFEILO. Richard Alan; Winter Park. Fla. 
BARKLEY. Phillip G . Sharpsburg. N C 
BARNES. Bert Calvin. Winston-Salem. N.C; BS Business 
and Economics; Chairman of Major Events Committee - 
College Union 4. Stage Manager 3. Chairman of Tech Crew 
1.2. CU Representative 2.3.4. Film Projectionist. CU Film 
Committee 4; Student Assistant - Economics Depl 3,4. 
BARNEU. Sharon Lee; Silver Spring. Md. 
BARRINEAU. Charles Albert. Palatka. Fla. 
BARTOL. Dennie Thomasson, Roanoke. Va.; BA Chemistry; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 1.2,3.4, Co-rush Chairman 3.4. Marching 
Bana Wind Ensemble; Jazz Band 1.2.3,4; Pep 
Band; Orchestra 3. American Chemical Society Stu- 
dent Afilliate 3: Big Four Intramural Day 2.3.4 
BARTON. Thomas J.. IV; Plamfield. N J. 
BASS. Susan Ruth: High Point. NC. B.S. Mathematics, 
Fideles WFDD-FM 1.i.3A; Student National Educa- 
tion Assoc. 4; Collego Republican 1.2. Tralfice Commission 

BATES. Lewie L.. Ill: Greenville, S C 

BATSON Barbara Cecile; Winston-Salem. N.C; B.A. An- 
thropology: CU Advertising Committee 2.3. 
3AUC0M. Subbn L.; Greensboro. N.C 
BAUER. Roland. Hudson. Ohio 
BEALE, Jefferson V.- Danville, Va. 
BEAR, John F.; Hamburg, Pa- 

BEEBE. Beverly Ann, Bethesda. Md. B.A. Biology; Ecology 
Club I. Young Republicans 1. Steps Society 
BELLAMY. Freeman T ; Wmston-Salem. N.C 
BELilSARIO. Jeffrey Allen; Chester Springs. Pa BA 
Sigms Phi Ep-.ilon, Beta Beta Beta 4. 
BELLOWS. Linda. Greensboro. N.C 
BENDER. Gary C ; Malvern. Pa 

BENFIELD. Douglas Ray: Lmcolnton. N.C. BS Mathemat- 
ics; Football Fellowship Chnatian Athletes. RA 4 
BEFiKOWITZ. Neal A.. Jack&onviile, Fla. 
BETO. Louis M.. Danville. Ky 
BIEGEL. Richard; Napersvil'e. IL. 
BILLUPS. Frederick D.. Annandale. Va 

STEPS 1.2; 

BISSELL. Karen Ron', 


NC. B.A Biology. 

WRC Rep 2. WRC Treasurer 3. Purpose Committee of Uni- 
versity Sell-Study 2.3, Thymes OLD GOLD AND 
BLACK 2.3.4. Beta Beta Beta 3.4; Carswell Committee tor 
Selection of Upperclassmen Scholarships 2,3.4; hAortar 
Board 3.4 

BLACKBURN. David C . Ft Lauderdale. Fla. 
BLACKWELDER. Willie Eugene. Jr . Greensboro. N.C; SA 
English. Intramurals i .3, Hankins Scholar; National 'Merit 
Scholar. Assi Mgr Indoor Tennis Program 3,4. 
BLACKWELL. Barh.ira C; Lenoir, N.C. 
BLAKNEY. Mdrleiw D.; Winston-Salem. NC. 
BLANCETT. Jotih Wayne; Wilmington. De. 
BLAND. David IV.; Virginia Beach. Va. 
BLOOM. Yolanda D.; Winston-Salem. N.C 
BLOUNT. Carol L ; Salisbury. N.C. 

BOEGER. Bruce Christian: Charlotte. N.C; B.A Economics: 
Varsity Baseball 1; Sigma Phi Epsilon 2.3.4. 
BOGUE. Robin Lynn; WInston-Salem N.C; B.A. Sociology: 
Transfer from County College of Moms 3 
BOLES. Harry Alfred: Walkertown. N.C : BS Business. 
BOOKER. Naomi Joyce. Robbins. NC: B.A Spanish Inter- 
national Club 4. FWAC Comm 2. Scholarship for semester 
of study in Bogota. Columbia 3. 
BOOTH. Ellen G.: Hendersonville. N C. 
BOTTENUS. William Scott; Bellerose. N.Y. B.S. Math and 
Business; Intramural Softball; OLD GOLD AND 
BLACK 3,4: Student Publications Co-Business Manager 4 
BOUCHARD. Gerald R : Suitland. Md. 
BOULDIN. David L. Ill; High Point. N.C. 
BOWERS. David M.; Charlotte. N.C. 
BOWERS. Harry Thomas; Goldsboro. N.C 
BOWLING. Russell Ray; Raleight. N.C, B.A. Politics and 
German: BSU 1; Soccer Club 1; Taylor House 1; Student 
Government Rep. 2; Student Economic Board 2, CU Ticket 
Comm 2. Inter-Varslty Fellowship 2; Semester at University 
of Salzburg. Austria 3; Experimental College Photography 4. 

tional Club 4: Cho, 


Sigma Chi 1.2 

Sweetheart 1.2. 

BRADSHAW. Philip S ; Harrisonburg, Va. 

BRAWLEY. Nancy E.; Winston-Salem. N.C. 

BRIDGER, Dewey H. Ill, Blandenboro, N.C 
BRITT, Samuel Emerson III; Lumberton. N.C: B.A. Biology: 
Student Government Rep 1. Student Athletic Advisory 
Comm 2, Theta Chi 3.4, Librarian 4; College Democratic 
Club 3.4; WRC Rep. 4; Davis House 1; Taylor House 2; Circle 
K 3.4, Beta Beta Beta 4 
BRITT, Thomas I ; Raleigh N.C 

BROWN. Alan Kent. Summerfield. N.C. BA Philosophy- 
Circle K 3. SJB 4 

BROWN. Martin Lewis. Buena Park. Calif.: B.A. Psychology: 
Football 1.2.3; Track 1; Rifle Team Captain 4; Scab- 
bard and Blade 4. 

BROWN. Robert W; Spartanburg S.C. 

BROWN. Sarah Edwards; Seaford Da.; B.S. Mathematics: 
S.O.P.H.; WRC Social and Functions Board Chairper- 
son 2: WRC Summer Coordinator 2; Math lab asst. 4. 
BROWN. Steven Daryl. Richmonc 

Theta Chi House Manage. _ _ , , 

Public Accountants 3.4; Student Housing Comm. 2,^3,4; Gym 
Supervisor 3. Directory of Student Activities and Services 
Editor 3; Sport Parachuting 2.3; Intramural Wrestling 1.2 3 
BROWNLEE, Roger P.; Haskell. N.J. 
BROYHILL. James E.; Lenoir. N C 
BRUSCHI, Joanne. Hawthorne. NY. 

BRYAN. Anne Spargo; Elkin. N.C; B.A. Elementary Educa- 
tion and Sociology 

BRYANT. John W . Scotland Neck. N.C 

BUCKNER. Jan Craig. Siler City. N.C; B.A Chemistry and 
Religion: Marching Band Pep Band Concert 
Band 1.2 Symphonic Wind Ensemble 3. Jazz Ensemble 
1,2.3: Intramurals 3. USRB Volunteer 3. Staff 4. Freshman 
Orientation Advisor 2.3. Traffic Commission 3.4. IV Action 
Group Leader 3.4. Pre-School Conference Comm. 3; Inter- 
disciplinary Honors. Alpha Epsilon Delta 2. Sec'y-treas. 3. 
Pres 4, Carswell Scholar 1.2.3,4. Venice Program 4. 

creation Comm Chairman 2,3. President. CU 4; Phi Epsilon 
Kappa President 3: MRC Treasurer 2. Intramurals 
BUNCH. Joseph H . Edenton. N C 

BURCHFIELD. Bobby Ray. High Point. N C; B.A Econom- 
ics and Politics. Debate 1,2; Intramural basketball l. 
BURGESS. Mary V . Bethesda. Md. 

BUTLER. Betsy S . Suffolk. Va 

BUTLER. Jean Louise; Hudson. Ohio; BA. Politics; SOPH 
Historian 2. Ri 

BYERLY. Joni K.. High Point. 

BYNUM, Harry L ; Rocky Mount. NC. 

BYRD, Richard Pearson; Fort Lauderdale. Fla.; BA. SCTA; 

Club A 

CARLSON. Richard Ray; Dunwoody. Ga. 

CARPENTER. Joseph Allan; Cornmg. N Y. 

CARTER. Fletcher Gregory; Roanoke Rapids. N.C 

CARTER. Michael Louis; South Boston. Va. 

CARTWRIGHT. Jerome Paul. III. River Grove. II. B A Physi- 
cal Education: Football 

CASH. James H. Jr , Kingsport. Tenn 
CHANDLER. . .Susan M,; Southern Pines. N C 
CHANT. Scott Edward; Marengo. II. B.S Business Kappa 
.Sigma 1.2.4. Young Republicans l; USRB 2 
CHATFIELD, David J . Winston-Salem. N C 
CHILDS. Elizabeth C ; Lubbock. Tx 
CREITZBERG. Genia L.. Yardly. Pa. 
CHRISTAIN. Clifford R^a: WesfHeld. N.C. 

Phi 3.4. Treas 4; Poteat House 1,2.3.4 
CLAGGETT. Pamela Ann; Larkspur, Colorado. B.A. An- 
thropology: Strings 1.2: Lambda Alpha 3.4 
CLARKE. Thomas S.: Akron. Oh. 

Co-Chairman 4. 
CLAY. Rahn J.; Birmingham. Alabama. 
CLAYTON, Michael F.: Charlottesville. V 
CLINARD. Keith A.; High Point. N C 
CLOUD. Thomas A.; Lakeland. Fla 
COATS. Doris Ellerj; Sanford. N C 

Order President 4. 
COLE. Constance Elizabeth: Feyetleville. N C, B A. Politics; 
OLD GOLD AND BLACK 1.2,3,4. Associate Ed. 4; College 
Democratic Club VP 2. Pres 3. Mortar Board 3.4. 
President 4; FWAC Chairman 1: Freshman Forum Comm. 
Co-Chairman 1; Hankins Scholar 4; Marshall 3. CU Ma/or 

COLEMAN. Vanessa L.: Washington. DC 

COLLIER. James Michael Launnburg. N.C; B.A. Music. 

Marching Band 1,2.3; Wind Ensemble 3.4; Concert Band 

1.2,3; Delta Sigma Phi 1.2.3. Dining Service Comm 2. 

COLLIER. Mark M. : Launnburg, N C 

COLLINS. Gerald P Dobson. NC 

: WRC Social and Functions Bnard 3. ISC Rep 2.3. Pre 

Service Chairman 3. Collegiate Marketing Assoc Secy 3. 
Business Staff 3. Co-Busmess Manager of Student Publica- 
tion 4; USRB 1. S M E Milwaukee Simulation Games 3.4. 

CONWELL. William L.. Colonial Heights. Va 
COPELAND. David J., Coatesville. Pa. 
CORPENING. Julius H. Ill; WInston-Salem, N.C 
COSTIGAN. James Clay. Frankfort. Ky . BS Business; 
Sigma Chi 1.2.3,4, President 4; Freshman Orientation Advi- 
sor 4. 

COSriNE. John M.. St. Clairsvitle. Oh 

COX. Richard Lowe. Asheboro. N.C: B.S Business, Student 
Judicial Board 4; Intramural Basketball; Intramural 
Softball 2,3.4; Residence Hall Staff 3.4; Rugby 2; Pep Band 
1,2.3.4. Jazz Ensemble 
CRAVEN. Pamela A.. Bay Shore. N Y 
CRAWFORD. Raymond W.; Allentown. Pa 
CftOMER. Anderson D : King. NC. 

CkUTCHFIELD. Karen Melinda; Tallahassee. Fla.; 8 A His- 
tory. WRC 3.4; House VP 4; Student Advisor 3; Phi Alpha 
Theta 4 

DANIEL, Richard Shaffer; Fayelteville, N.C; BA Psycholo- 
gy; Sigma Phi Epsilon 2.3.4; IFC 2; Intramurals 1.2,3,4; 
Theatre 3 

DANIELS. Henry W.: Smithfield. N.C 

DAVIS. Benjamin E.; St. Simons Island. Ga.. B.A. Politics: 
Varsity Cheerleader 4. 

2.3.4. Dorm Council 4; The. 
DAVIS. Robert C ; Youngsville. N C 
DAVIS. Stephen W.; Asheboro. N.C 
DEFERRARI. Barbara Ann. Mahwah. N.J 
DEHLER. Mark Francis. Atlanta. Ga ; 8 A Biology; R.OT.C DMS 4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4. Student Govern- 
ment 2.3. Athletic Comm 3,4. Chairman 3; Orientation 
Comm Chairman 3.4. College Union 4; Pi Kappa 
Alpha 1.2, Poteat House 3,4 

DEJARNETTE, Charles P.; Decatur. Ga. 


DENNING. Jean M. Clinton. NC 

DENSON. Leslie Anne: Gntton. NC, B A. Psychology OLD 
DELVIN, Charlie W : Bradley. SC- 

DiCKERSON. Paul Newman. WaynesvUle. NC . B A. Psy- 
chology. Transfer from Wingate Jr. College 3; Outing Club 
3.4. Pres 4. College Union Rep. 4 

DICKERSON. William Bruce: Roanoke. Va.; 8-A. Religion; 
Alpha Sigma Phi Rush Chairman 2. Baptist Youttt Corps 8SU 1.2.3, International Club 2. • 
DIEJZ. Daniel Allen: Greensboro. N.C. 
DILLINCER. Peter J.rWinsfon-Salem. N-C. 
DINNEN. Michael J.: Vera Beach. Fla. 
DONALDSON, Annie D.; New Bern, NC. 
DONNELL. Patricia.L.. Greensboro, N C 
DOR WART. Patricia A : YorH. Pa. .- ' 

DOUB. Jan Alexandra. Winston-Salem, N.C, B.A.: Dance 
Out 1. Venice Program 2: The STUDENT 3A: Theatre 3.4. 
DRAIM. Robert E., Vienna, Va. 
DRUITT. Thomas J .- Tucker. Ga. 
DUBOSE. Deborah E.. Spinda/B. N.C 
DUIN, Stephen B , Curtis Bay, Md. 
DUNN. Susan D , Roxboro. N C. 

iirman 3. VH 4 

EATON. Timothy R.; Tuscalossa. Al. 
EBERLE. Robert A.: Ro kville. Md. 
ECKERT. Brian, Howard; Mount Holly. 

I J : BA. BngJish, 

gT^^c/y/f/es Chairman 1. 

■ Student Judicial 

fft-Asst Editor 3. As- 

'fframurals; Phi Nu 

I Coordinator 4. 

Student Goverotnent Rep. 

Taylor House Senator ;" ' 
Board 3^^ -. — -- - 

T,2,3,J Presidents; IPC Rep. 1.2. Treasu 

EDDY. Will, am 8.; Southern Pines. N.C 

EGGLESTON. 'Or'efre S.; Towson. Md.: BA Chemistry; 

Transfer 2. HOWLER 2. Sports Editor 3. Editor 4, Theta Cfli 

3.4 Freshman Orientation Advsor 3 WFU Baptist Church 
Choir 3, Publications Board 4. 
ELIUM. Donald P.; Salisbury, N.C. 
ELKINS. Karen Laverne: CresskiH. N.J. 

ELLIOTT, David Richardson. Richmond. Va.. B.S. Mathemat- 
ics. OLD GOLD AND BLACK 1. Asst. Editor 2: BSU; Theatre; 
Anthony Aston Society; Omicron Delia Kappa. VP; Theta Chi 
Pledge Marshall. Intramurals. 

ELLIS. Stephen Charlm; Raeford. N.C; BA. Biology. 
ELLISON. Robert Stanfiil: Knoxviile. Tenn,; 8.A. Chemistry: 
Intramurals Student Judicial Board 3; Residence 
Hall Advisor 3. Asst Head Resident 4; American Chemical 
Society Student Affiliates VP 4. 

ELLZEY. Kenneth Harry; JaciiSonviHe. N.C. B.A Psycholo- 

ENNIS. Julie A.. Fayetteville. N.C. 
EVERHART, Constance H.: Sfler City. NC. 
FEHRING. Thomas K.: Fort Worth. Tx. 
FERRELL. Laura-F.: Durham. N C 
FIELD. John Taylor, Enid. Okla. 
FINCHER. Garland Gner, Charlotte. N.C. 
FINCHER, Kathryn Grace: Matthews. N.C 
FINN. Kellee P : Roxon. Md. 

Louisville. Ky , B A Sociology; 

FISHER. Willard Hall. Laurel, De. 

^IX. Andrew Cooper; Winslon-Salem, N.C 

FLOYD. John E.. Jr.; Lumberton. N.C 

FORREST. Anthony L.; Raleigh. N C 

FOSTER. Thomas Vernon: Winston-Salem. N C 

; FOWLER. Nancy S., Reidsville. N.C 

FOYE. LeeC. Wilmingtpn, N.C 
FRANCIS. Donald Meefi; Marion. Va., 
Epsilon Delala 3.4, Beta Beta Beta 4. 
FRANCIS, Lynda Eltenef-Waynesville, 

,'. Thymes VP 3. 

p*^ FRANEY. Michael S , Ellicott City. Md. 

'j^-fRANk, Steven Michael. Lexingti 

Biology: Alpha 
B.A Biology: 

7 HQu: 

FRANZ, SusatiCornelia, Ashville. N.C. 

FRAZIER. Kei/^hrt'an, Hockessin. De.: B.S.- Chemistry and 
Business. Pdreentiouse Senator 2: Executive Lt. Governor 
3, Rugby i^.4: American Chemical Society Student Affiliate 

Staff Member 3.4. 

FULTON. William S.; Launnburg, . 

FUNKE, Sherry fJlarifi: Charlotte. N.C. BiA Anthropology: 

Odrm Counci' "^ ' " ' " . - , .. 

'i^Z. ISC Rep jt 

ing Asst 3.4: National Collegiate Players 4: Student i 

. Choir 2.3. Beta Beta Beta 4 

Government 4. Committee on Comm. 4; Student Advisory 

Chailenge Board Chairman 4. 

GARBER. Leslie V . Winston-Salem. N C 

GARDNER. Shannon P.. Raleigh. N C 

GARST. Leslie Ann. Bonnes Mill. Va.; B.A. Spanish: CU 

Ticket Comm.; USRB; OLD GOLD AND BLACK: Spanish 


GASKIN. Lewis R.: Charlotte. N.C 

GEORGE. Thomas Kerr: Rockville. Md.; B.S. Business, 

Sigma Pi Athletic Chairman 2.3.4. Social Chairman 

3: Intramural Council. 

GIESLER, Pamela M. Ridgeway. Va . B.A. Accounting: 
Fideles 2.3.4. Treasurer 4 
GIFFORD. Russell M . Summitt. N J. 
GILCHRIST. Donald B , Leesburg. Fla. 
GILLON. John Wells: Murphy, N.C; English. B.A. 
GODWIN, Gregory Evans; Roanoke Rapids. N.C, B.A His- 

GODWIN. John H.. Ill; Clearwater. Fla . B.A. Politics. 
GONZALES. Mary Agnes; Quezon City. Philippines. BA. Bi- 
ology; Transferred 3: International Club Treasurer 3.4. 
GOODMAN. John P.; Fort Lauderdale. Fla 
GORDON. Jean Ann: Monroe. N C 
GOULDING, Amelia A , Johnson City. Tenn. 
GRAHAM. James Todd. Richmond. Va. 
GRAHAM. Timothy Humphrey: Fayetteville. N.C; B.A. Psy- 
chology: Kappa Alpha; Library Ass't. 2.3.4; Outing 
Club 4 

GREENE, Lucy Augusta: Charlotte. N.C. B.A Religion. Stu- 
dent Government Dining Service Comm. 1; Student Gov t 
Legislator 2; Fideles Treasurer 3, 1st VP 4. 
GROSE. William Rayford. Jr. Winston-Salem. N.C. B.S 
Business: Sigma Phi Epsilon 1.2,3,4. 
GROVE. Karen Sue; Richmond. Va. 
GROVERT. Leslie A.; McLean. Va. 
GULLEY. Lawrence R.: Winston-Salem. N C. 
GUNST. Robert C; Pittsburgh. Pa 

GUSTAFSON. Thomas Charles. North Brookfield. Mass.; 
B.A. Economics: Transferred 2. 
HAAS. Jay Dean; Belleville. III. 

HAGER. Michael E.; Goldsboro, N.C; 6A. Chemistry; In- 
tramural Football 3. Intervarsity 4. 

HAGINS. Gloria Cecile. Lancaster. S.C: B.A Education 
STEPS Flag Girl 1.2, USRB 3; WRC Rep. 2. Concert 
Band 1.2. 

HALL. John F.. Jr.. Fayetteville. N C 
HALL. Wanda Kaye. Greensboro. N.C. 
HAMILTON. Eleanor P. Spartanburg. S.C 
HANEY. James A . Burlington, N.C. 
HAROISON. Brenda Lee. Raleigh. N.C; B.A. Intermediate 

WRC Rep. 1. Strings publicity 
Program 3. - -^. ^ 

FURliji. Walfie Matthew; Boca Raton. Fla , 8 S-.-Afafftemar- 
ics. Wind Ensarrrbiq 1-2.3^; Jazz Ensemble 3. Inlramuralfi, CU Ticket ■£om'rTh^4: Anthony Aston Sociaium^.A. 
Secy-treas 4. Ordh§slra 3.4: Theatre j ^^ feftflffTfead^i- 

Education; JV Cheerleading 1: USRB 1; Choir 2.3; SNCAE 

3.4. Cluster Rep. 3. 

HARDY. W Lawrence: College Park. Md.: B.A Sociology. 

Young Democrats 1. Davis House 2.3; Headstart Volunteer 


HARRELL. Deborah L.: Clinlon. S.C 

HARRELL. R. Stephen: Gastonia. NC; B.A. French: BSU 
Council Member 2: Student Piano Teacher 2.4: French Lab 
Supervisor 1.2,4. Touring Choir 2, Davis Chapel Choir 2; 
International Club 1.2.4; French Tutor 1.4: After School En- 
richment Program 1: Dijon Program 3. 
HARRIS. John. Charlotte. N.C 
HARRIS. Sharon Alice 

HARSHBARGER. David Bruce; McLean. Va . B.A. History; 
Poteat House Senalor-al-large 3. VP J. OLD GOLD 
AND BLACK Asst. Sports Ed. 3. Sports Ed. 4; Stu- 
dent Gov't. Legislature 3.4. Academic Comm. Chairman 3. 
Judicial Comm. Chairman 4: Intramurals 
HASTINGS. James D ; Winston-Salem. N.C. 
HATCHER. Patricia L . Bristol. Tenn. 
HAUGHEE. Judith Kay: Rockville. In. 
HAUSE. Richard L.. Farmingdale. N.Y. 

HAVRILLA. Michael Joseph. Tresckow. Pa.: B.S. Business: 
Sigma Pi Officer 3.4; Sports Information Office 

HAWKINS. John L Shelby. N.C. 

HAWKINS. Randy Earnest; Uncolnton, N C; B.A. English 

OLD GOLD AND BLACK 2.3: CU Board of Directors 2 

HAYS. Joseph Gregory. Ill; Charlotte. N.C: B.A. History. Phi 

Alpha Theta 3,4. 

HAYS, Judith Lawson: Midlothian. Va : 3 A. Reliqion: 

Leader 3, Theatre 2. 

iyBmocrata3.4: Eta Sigma, Phi 3.4; Collegtate Marketing As- 
_iiAZElWOOD. Joe Billy. Jr . C'em.mons. N.C 

HEDGETH. Ingram P.; Lumoerton. N.C. 

HEDRICK. Dermot C.'Jr.; Reidsville. N.C 

HEFFELFlNGr.R, Ann .lune, C..-tlevlll,i Oh-o- 3A 
WRC F:of} 1.2.3: BSU Yuuno RaptibiiQan-^ 
Sac'y 2. Residence Advisor 4. Phi Alphs rha\j 4 
Program ?, ^ " 

HEGE, Frsd W.. LeKington. N 0. 

HENDERSON. Lewis M.. Clinton. S C 

HENRY. Leah £., Clinton. S.C 

HERMAN. Bruce tJ^izhael. Jim Thorpe. Pa. fi S 3i 

Ass't. to Spoi 

i Infc 

. Sigiim Fi :.?,3.rf 
HEWITT. Glenn Alden: White Hall. Md . B.A Philosophy and 
Religion. BSU Pres 3. State Pres. 4; ChaSiPrqe 75 
2.3. Ass't Director 3. OLD GOLD AND BLACK .'(. CU i. Res- 

HICKS. Henry Levon. Erwin. N.C 

HILL. Arnold Getho-Sontho. Authington. Liberia. W Africa 

HILL. Fentress M . Jr.. Raleigh. N.C 

HILL. Katherine R.. Raleigh, N.C; 

from St Mary's College 3: Phi The.. _,_^_ . 

Council Rep. 2: Phi Theta Kappa Sec'y.-Treas. 2; Fie 

Choir 3 

HINES, Martha J , Winston-Salem, N.C 

HINMAN, William; Winslon-Salem. NC, BA. History at 

English. WFDD-FM 3,4; THE STUDENTS: Scouting 1,2.3.4 

HINSON. Sam L.: Alexandria. Va 

HIPPS. Dolores M.; Winston-Sa'am. N C 

HIX. Stephen Glenn; Biscoe. N.C 

HOBART. JeffryK.: Durham. N.C. 

HOBSON. Catherine C . Charlotte. N.C 

HOBSON. Felix M.; Yadkinville, N.C 

HODGES. Thomai 

Symphonic Wind £ 

Rep. 3; ACASA 3.4 

HOLLAND. Barbara L.. Ann Arbor. MiCti 

HOLMES. Janice M.. Melbourne. Fla. 

HOLOMAN. Henriette: Wmston-Salem. N C. 

HONEYCUTT. William C: Black Mountain. N C. 
HOOD. Renwick Carlise: Charlotte. N C. 
HOPE. Joan Jennings. Charlotte. N.C, B.A. Religion. SCTA, 
Strings, Pledge Class Pres. 1. Publicity 2. Alumni 
Chairman 3; Anthony Aston Society 2,3.4; Junior Marshal 3: 
Student Advisor 3.4. 
HOPKINS. Gerald G.: Glendora. Ca. 
HOSTETLER. Charles Anderson. Jr: Raeford. N C 
HOUSE, Albert Clarence. Scotland Neck. N.C. B.A. Busi- 
ness, Kappa Sigma 
HUBBARD. Frederick 7 , Laurlnburg. N.C 
HUDSON. John H . Jr. Shushan. W.V, 
HUFFINES. Paula S,, Greensboro. NC 
HUGHES, Ronald L: West Jefferson. NC 
HUGHES. Stuart M., Williamsburg. Va. 
HUNTER. Roberto J.. Washington. D.C 
HUNTER. Scott A : Mystic, Conn. 
HYATT. Janet M.: Waynesville. N.C 
INGRAM. Stanton B. 

ISMAIL. Mohamad Bin: Kola Bharu. Malaysia: B.S. Busi- 
ness: Transferred from MARA Institute of Technology 3. 
JACKSON. William I.. Winchester. Va. 
JAKUBOWSKI. D. Bruce: New London. Ct. 
JAMES. Gary D . West Nyack. N.Y. 

JARNAGlN. Robert David: Dndridge. Tenn.: B S. Business; 
Poteat House Senator 2: MRC Rep 4. Intramurals 
JAXEL. Daniel George: Englewood Cliffs. N.J B A. Politics 
Chess Club Sec'y.-Treas. 2.3.4. Republican Club 
1.2.3: Intramural Basketball Referee 2.3. 
JEFFRIES. Thomas Andeison. Jr., Troy. N.C . B S Account- 
ing. Cross Country 2.3.4. 
JENKINS. James W.. Pendleton. N.C 
B.A. Sociology; Transferred '.: 
JERNIGAN. Cedric C: Yanceyvitle, N.C 
JESSUP. Doris Shelton. Westfleld, NC.8A F<eligion; Bano 
1: Women's Varsity Basketbal' 2 Thyme$ 1.2 Intramordis 

JOBES. Douglas L : Winchester. Ma 

JOHNSON. Jerry i , Rowland. N C 

JOHNSON, Todd Clayton: Kansas C:iy. Kan 

JOLLY. Keith G.. Elkin, N.C. 

JONES Frank E.. Ruthetforci^Jlif.C. 

JONES. George R.: Riq/f^nd, Va. 

JONES. Lairy ,Vertice: Greensboro, NC: O.A. Politics 

Young i^^publtcans 1,2.3: NC-PIRG 4 'nterve.'si:y Fei'Cw- 

^hip 4. 

JONES. Millie J.: Burl'ng!::n. N C 

JORDAN. Ei'zabeih F , Ra-i-o.-d. N C 

.iORDAN. James Roger. Richr.^cnd. Va. 

JORDAN. JeanetteK.: Raeford. NC 

JORDAN. Patricia .Ken:. K:nstoo. N C. 

JUDO,jereO.:Ourhair. N.C 

JUDD. Joseph //ilHam: H'^j-res/i'/fti .V C 

laugh, Jr., Winstcn-Salen-. 

- ^ 

KAHN Antsn^ Forg:one. Glen Rock. -V J , 3 A. Econvm-cs; 
K.:chir House Chairman. Sfudsnt Ajnleiic Board 2; 
Sports lr}'.ormaUon Department 2.3.4. Inierdisciplnary Hon- 
ors Progran .''.,3. Venice Program 3 

KALLICHE. A'lthony Arthur Poughkeep-,ie. N Y ; B.5 3ush 
ness. Intramurals Athletic Adv'sory Comm. 2.4 
KAREL. John Sherlock. Chicago. II . B S Bu&inesa: Theta 
Chi House Manager 3. Treasurer 4; Student Chapter 

Business. Transfer from Wingafe 3 

KEITH. Garry M. Wmston-Salem. N.C 

KEYSER. Diane Lee. Miami. Fla.. BA Psychology. ISC Rep Secy 3. Wakeites 1.2.3 

KIEFER John E . Kinsport. Tenn. 

KIM8R0UGH. Kent P . Malvern. Pa. 

KING. Edwin W . Clemson. S.C. 

KINLAW. Charles J.. Lumperton, N.C. 

KNIGHT James David. Morehead City. N C . B.A. Psycholo- 
gy. Carswell Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa 3.4. Depart- 
mental honors Program 3.4. Shell Oil Mu5/c Scholarship 3: 
WFU Chapel Choir Accompanist 2.3.'', Pres. 3: Tourmg 
Choir Accompanist 2.3. Madngals 3. Psych Dept Under- 
graduate Studies Comm 3.4. Sec'y 3. BSU Accorr}panist 
2,3. Spanisn Club 1. CHALLENGE 75 Studerjt Panelist 3; 
Interdisciplinary Honors Program 3.4. 

II.. 8 A Biology; SO.Ph 
? " ■ 

KROME. Sara E . Norlolk. Va. 

KUHN. Joseph Alphonsus, III; Kensmglon. Md.; B.A Sociol- 
ogy; Thela Chi IPC Rep. 4, Social Chairman 4; In- 
tramurals 1,2.3.4. Student Economic Board Sec'y.-Treas. 2. 
KUNZMAN. David William. Hounad. Pa 
LABAW. David William. Elkhart. Ind. 
LAMBERT. Billie J . Calyso. N.C. 
LAMBRIGHT. Molly Jo. Lancaster. Ohio 

LANE, Thomas Mercer. BernardsviHe, NJ, BA Religion. 
Kappa Sigma 2.3. Inlervarsity Christian Fellowship 2.3. 
LANEY. Ann Elizabeth. Raleigh. N C. B A Psychology. BSU; Folk Team 3.4; Intervarsity 2.3.4. Choir 2.3. WRC 
Rep 2 

Kappa Alpha 2,3,4, Ass't To Sports Information Dir 
LAWS. Richard D . Gasfonia. NC 
LAYTON. Carolyn N . Winston-Salem. N.C 
LECRONE. Jonathan Bruce. Vandalia. Ohio. BA English; 
JV Basketball 1.2. Varsity Baseball 3. MRC VP 3. Social 
Chairman 4. Rep 7,2, Poleat House Senator 1.2. So- 
cial Chairman 2.4. Comptroller 2.4. OLD GOLD AND BLACK 

LEE. Alison 0., High Pomi, N.C 
LEE. Chans Ann. Polkton. N.C. BA Sociology. Freshmen 

LEWIS, Debbie G.. Thu 

President. 3. President. 4: Phi Epsilon Kappa. Presic 
LIfJDSEY. t\/ary S ; Atlanta. Ga. 

LIPPMANN. Scoff Lane, .'^mityville. N Y.; BA Psychology 
LIPSCGI^B. William I'redenck; Bir-ningham, Ala.; B.A Eco- 
nomics; Sigma Chi. Football. 1. 

LITTERAL. Daniel Face: Silver Spring, Md.; BA Politics; 
Student Government Legislator, 1.2. Judicial Committee. 
Chairman. 2; ROTC. 1.^,3,4; Scabbard and Blade. 3.4. 
Rugby. 2.3.4. treasurer; Interdisciphnary Honors.. 3.4; Stu- 
dent Judicial Board. 3. 

LITTLE. Har'-y Marslle; WSnston-Salem. NC. BA Chemis- 
try; Alpha Epsilon Delta. 2.3,4: American Chemical Socieiy. 
S.A.. 3.4: Beta Seta Beta. 4; Residence Lite Staff 
LOCKVEAR Ralph .Van; Old Station. Ca . BS Accounting. 
History; T:ansf'i-\ 2. Student Government Representative 2. 
Collegt' Republicans President, 3 4. S.G Parlimentanan. 3, 
Stu-Jent Bjdriei Aavisoiy Committee. 4. Poteat House 

. Pa-. 6 S 

Kapps Alpha, 3.4; Student Legislator, Polea' House. 

Football. 1,2; Rugby. 3,4. Blazing Club, 1.2,3.4. 

LOUCKS, Wmiai 

Sigma Phi Epsil> 

LOVE. Barry Eugene; Winston- Salpm. N C 

LOVifDEN Linda Whitney. Alexandria, Va. 8 A Piychoiogy. 
English. Cheerleader. I. SOPH Society. 1,2.3.4 

LUCAS. Leon A ; Kenly. NC 

LUPTON. Frederick Arthur. HI. Alamance. N.C. 

LYLE. James E : Winslof^-Salem. NC. 

MACK. Kinsler 8.. Jr.: Wi.''stcn-Salem. N C. 

MACON, James Ashby; Matthews, N C, BA English; Kappa 

Asst. . 2.3 4. Biology Asst. , 3. 

MANSFIt'LD. Connie Chandler; Gainsville. Ga. 

MARINO. Richard D.; Winchester. Pa 

MARION. Tony R,; Ararat. N.C. 

MARKMAN. Stuart Craig. Knoxville. Tenn.; B.A. Politics. 

USR8. 3.4, Student Judicial Board. 3.4. Co-Chairman. 4. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon. Rush Chairman. 3.4, Pledge 

Board. 3.4. Executive Board, 3.4. Intramurals.; Intra- 

fraternity Council. 3.4 

MARSH. Ann Mane; Winston-Salem. N.C; BS. Medical 

Tech.iology; Beta Beta Beta. 3.4; Dean's List. 1.2,3. Open 


MARSH. Mary R . Elkin, N.C. 

MARTIN, Cathy L.. Charlotte. N C. 

MARTIN. Sidney A.. Jr.; Raleigh. N C. 

MARTIN, Sheila; Greensboro. N C. 

MASSAGEE Boyd Broadway. Ill, Hendersonville. N C . B A 
Philosophy. Student Government, 1.2.3. Student Lite Com- 
mittee, 2,3. IHL. 1.2,3.4. 
MASSEY. Marilyn E.; Winston-Salem, N.C. 
MAUER. David R.. North Plainfield. N.J- 
MAXEY. Richard N.; Bassett. Va. 
MCALPINE. Amv S . Bennetlsville, S.C. 
MCALPINE. John Matheson. Spartansburg. S.C. B S. Ac- 
counting; Delia Sigma Phi, Secretary. 4. Inlerfrater- 
nity Council. 3,4. Treasurer. 4 
MCARTHUR. Donna M.; Spartansburg, S.C. 
MCCANN. John L; Charlotte. N.C. 
MCCARTY. Jackson. B ; Marion, Va. 

MCCLELLAND. Mark Jeffrey: Vera Beach. Fla. B.A. Eco- 
nomics; Freshman Class Treasurer; Student Government 
Representative. Finance Committee. Student Economic 
Committee. Chairman. OLD GOLD AND BLACK. Delta 
Kappa Epsilon. 2.3.4. Treasurer. 3.4. 
MCCORMICK, George M.; Winston-Salem. N.C. 
MCDONALD. Virginia J.. Raleigh. N.C 
MCGRAW. Thomas Conklin; Wilmington. De. 
MClNTEER. Thomas Alan; Burlonsville. Md.; BS. Mathemat- 
ics: Intramurals, 1.2.3,4; Venice Program. 3. 
MCINTYRE. Peter Joseph; Kensington. Md.. B.A. Biology; 

MEADOR. Paula. Cumming. Ga. 
MEDLIN, Pamela A.. Rocky Mount. N.C. 
MELTON, Carol Anne; St Augustine. Fla.; B.A. Psychology 
SOPH Society. 

MELTON. Robert Graham. Brevard. N.C; B.S Physics, 
Band. 2,3, BSU. 3.4. Society of Physics Students. 2.3.4. Pres- 
ident. 4. Omicron Delta Kappa. 3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma, 3.4; 
THE STUDENT, 3,4, Editor. 4. 

MERRITT. Deborah Mane; Winston-Salem. N.C. BA Latin. 
Eta Sigma Phi. 1.2.3,4 

MESSINA. Rachel Patricia. Jacksonville Beach. Fla.. BS 
Mathematics. STEPS, Sigma Pi Sweetheart. ISC 3. 


. 3.4 

MEYER. Michael A , Birdsboro. Pa 

MEYERS. Kurt Edward. Wayne, Pa; 8 A. Biology; Sigma Phi 

Epsilon. 2.3.4, Beta Beta Beta. 4 

MILAM. Bruce H , Wmston-Salem. N.C. 

MILLER, Kenneth D ; Forestville. Md. 

MILLER, Philip C , Columbus. Ohio. 

MILLER, William B . Jr . Winston-Salem. N C 

MILLS. John David; Lancaster, Pa. 

MILLS. John F ; Henderson. N.C 

Alph?>, 2,3.4. secretary, 4. Student j 


Assistant. ■ 

MITCHELL. William Thomas. Wmston-Salem. NC 
MOBLEY. Danny G . Wmston-Salem. N C 
MONEUSE. Paul J.. Longwood. Fla 
MONTAGUE. Richard P.; Norlolk. Va 

MOORE. Strauss Mae; Sharon. SC. B.A Speech Com- 
munications; USRB. 1; intramurals., Student Gov- 
ernment. 2; Miss Black Awareness 1974; Afro-American So- 
ciety. 1.2,3.4. Treasurer, 4; United Sisters of the Afro-Am. 4 

MOORE. Susan D.. Winston-Salem. NC 

MORRISETT. Michael E.; Richmond. Va . BS Mathematics. 


MOYLAN. James Louis. Ellicott. City. Md 
MULLEN. Can C. Jr.; LIncolriton. N C 
MULLINAX. Thomas R., Jr.; Raleigh. N.C 
MURRAY. Jill M.. Springfield, Va 

MURRAY. Michael David; Alexandna. Va . 8 S Mathematics, 

CU Ticket Committee, 2.3.4, Davis House, 1,2,3.4. Treasurer. 

3; Intramurals. 

MUSE. Eugene Wilson; Tarboro. N.C; B.A. Politics. 

MYATT. William A.. IV. Raleigh. N.C 

WV£fl;S,_rr_acy_Jo_, Medina. Ohio; B.A. Biology: USRB. 

NASH. Carolyn Eliz 

; Statesville. N.C; B.A Psychology; 

WRC. Women s Concerns Committee. 4; Deans List. 
Psychological Services Advisory Comm.. 1,2. 
NATIONS. Steven K.; Wmston-Salem. N.C. 

Carswell Scholar 1.2.3; Intramurals 1 

NEAL. Mar 

fer. 3; Pi 

Council 3 

NELSON. Samuel H.; Radnor. Pa. 

NELSON. Susan B . Durham. N C 

NERGART. Gwendolyn Ann Frohling. Advano 

Philosophy; Transfer 2. 

NEWSOME. Pamela J.. East Point. Georgia. 

NEWTON. Thomas L.; Nashville, TN. 

NIOUETTE. Donna J.; LitHz. Pa. 

NORTHAM. Mark A.; Wilmington. Del 
NORTON. Larry E.: Burlington. N C 

2,3. Music Committee Chairman 3.' 
O'BRIEN. Thomas Dana; Kasson. 
Transfer 3 

B A Economics; 

OGLESBY. Jeffrey Stuart; Richmond. Virginia; B.A. Biology; 
Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer 3. House Manager 4 
OHARA. Thomas J.. W. Babylon. N Y. 

OLSEN. Rynn Barrington; Alexandria. Va . B A Economics. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals; Big Four 
Tournament 3; Gourmet Club 4 

i 3.4; 

OSBORNE. Mary Roper; Wmsion-Salem. N C B S Physical 
Education; STEPS 3.4; Phys Ed Ma/ors Club 2.3. Vice- 
President; Coed Phys. Ed. Club 4, President 4. Pre-School 
Retreat 3. Athletic Council 3.4. Intramurals 1234 Golf 
1.2.3; Basketball -; Volleyball - 1.2,3.4 
OWENS, Donald McClaren; Charlotte. NC, 1 survived, 2. 
abjored. 3. escaped, 4. understood 

PADGETT. Mary H.. Uncolnton. NC. B.A. Biology. WRC. 
Dorm Rep . 2. Carswell Scholar 1.2.3,4. Lab play 1. Junior 
Advisor 3. Beta Beta Beta 3,4 President 4 
PAGE. Cornelius D , Gastonia. N C. 
PARDUE. Clyde R. Winslon-Salem. NC 
PARKER. Lauris Joan, High Point, N C. 
PARKS. Randal A . Wmston-Salem. N.C 
PARSONS, Gwyn R . West Jefferson. N C 
PATTERSON. Marguerite M. Belleview, Fla 
PATTERSON. Michael T . Leesburg, Fla 
PATTERSON. Patricia E , Sanford, N C 

PEGRAM, Sandra, Buies Creek, N C 

PETERSON. Daryl. Philadelphia, Pa 

PFISTER. Ronald R . Wayne. Pa 

FERRYMAN. William D, Wmston-Salem. N.C. BS Busi- 

PITTMAN. Jeannie. Shannon. NC 
PLYLER. Michael H , Thomasville. NC 
POOLE. Charles A.; Birmingham. Ala. 
POWELL, Gerald A . Canton. N C 
POWELL. Malcolm R , Macon. Georgia 
POWELL. Melissa A.. Carney's Point. N J. 
POWELL. Pamela J., Greensboro. N.C. B A. Psychology: 
Steps 1,2.3.4; Choir 3. Student Government 1. 
POWER. Deborah L.. Charleston, W Va. 
PREGNALL. Elaine S . Jacksonville. Fla.; B.A Psychology: 
SOPH Challenge 75 Staff 3 
PRICHARD. Robert W.; Wmston-Salem. N.C 
PRUITT. John P . Hickory. NC , BA Biology; MRC 1. Intra- 
murals, Beta Beta Beta 4 

PULLEKINES. Carol A , Kennett Square. Pa.. 8 S Business 
OLD GOLD & BLACK Sports Staff 2.3.4. WRC Dorm Rep 
3.4, Intramurals 1. Eta Sigma Phi 1. Student Athletic Com- 
mittee 4. Strings 2.3.4 


OUINLEY, Kevin M. Norfolk, Va.; B A.; Debate Team 1,2.3, 
President 3, Secretary 2. OLD GOLD & BLACK 3,4; Delta 
Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha 2.3.4, College Democrats 4; In- 

RABB. Diane L . Miami. Fla. 

RADiCH. Jen L, Beach Haven Terrace. NJ. BA Biology: 

rnment Rep J. t - _ - 

. . ircollepiate Volh 

RAE. Thornas J.. Winter-Park. Fla. 
RAKER. Mark L . Winston-Salem. N.C. 
RANDALL. Ariita G . Winston-Salem. N C. 
RAY, William H , Clemmons. N C 

RECKENBEIL. Kenneth A.. Whippany. N J.: B A Psychology: 
Sigma Pi Treasurer 3. Chapel Choir; Touring 



REDFEARN. Roslyn. Atlanta. Georgia. 

REED. Malina Beth: High Point. N.C: B.A. Sociology: 
Thymes Publicity Chairman 2. Vice-President 4: WRC 
Dorm Rep I, House President 2: Fall Semester in Venice 3. 
Resident Advisor 4: Wakette 1.2 
REICH. Ralph w . Aliqueppa. Pa. 

REMINGTON. John L.. Venice. Fla.: B.A. English; Inlramu- 
rals CU Pottery Workshop 4. Student-Faculty 
Committee of the English Department 4 
RENDEZ. Ingrid C , Bernardsville. N.J 
REYNOLDS. Michael R ; Neptune. N.J 

RICCI. Alfred C , South Paris. Maine. BS Busir^ess: Poteaie 
House Athletic Chairman 3.4; Student Government 
2.3.4. OLD GOLD & BLACK 3.4: Student Athletic Committee 
2.3.4. Chairman 4; MRC. Athletic Committee 3.4; tntramurals Varsity Football Manager 1.2. 

RICHARDSON. Deborah Leah: Greenville. S.C.; B.A. Poli- 
tics. OLD GOLD & BLACK reporter 1. assistant editor 2. 
managing editor 3. Editor 4; Fideles 1 .2.3,4. Mortar Board 4. 
Karate Club 4; University Theatre 2; Graduation Marshall 3. 
RICHBOURG. Robert F.; Alexandria. Va 
RINEHART. Phyllis E.; Millington. N J 

RINK. Susan E , Berwyn. Pa.; BA English; WRC Hall Rep l, 
F-WAC 1.2. USRB 1.2. University and Touring Choirs 
Secretary-Treasurer 4. Junior Advisor 3; Intervarsity 2.4 
RISEN. Robert A , Brentwood. Tenn . BA Sociology 
RIVES. Alben Browntee. Whispering Pines. N.C; B S Chem- 
istry. Stalf Photographer WFU Student Publications 
- - - ■ i PhotoQraoher 3. Howler Staff 2,3, Sports Edi- 

ROBERTS. David A.; Winston-Salem. N.C. 

ROBERTS. Susan L : Salisbury. N C. 

ROBERTSON. Robin H.. Portsmouth. Va. 

ROBINSON. Mary Elizabeth. Whiteville. N C. 

RODDA. Nancy L . Homestead. Fla. 

ROSS. Lucy M.. Charlotte. N C 

RUBY. Ira M.; Richmond. Va 

SAITTA. Dean J : Blauvelt. NY.: B.A. Anthropology. 

SALES. Dianne A.; Greensboro. N.C: BA. Psychology. 

SANDS. John Alfred. Forestville. Md.; BA Biology: Junior 
Varsity Basketball 1.2 

SARNOFF. Sigrid Elaine. Basking Ridge. N.J.; BA History & 
Philosophy: Wake Forest Little Symphony, Faculty 
Library Planning Committee 2.3: Phi Alpha Theta 3.4; Vice- 
President 4; College Republicans 2 
SAYER. Carol M . Washington. D.C 

SCALES. MIevin Julius. Winston-Salem. N C: B.A History. 
Transferred from Bravard College 3. Junior Varsity Basket- 
ball 3; Afro-Am Society 4. Omega Psi Phi 4 
SCARBOROUGH, Thomas Allen; Asheboro. N.C: BA. Biol- 
ogy, tntramurals 1.2.4; Big Four Intramural Tournament 1,2. 
Poteat House Senator 3: Teacher of guitar for Experimental 
College 2: Student Government 4; New Dorm Rep 4; Poteat 



Choir 2.3 

SCOTT. Valery C: Canton. Ohio; B.A. EnglishiSCTA; Trans- 
ferred to WFU 3: Women's Golf Team 3.4; Wftdd-FM 3.4. 
SEARS. Stanley L.. Riegelwood. N.C 

SEAVER. Craig V.. Richmond. Va.; BS Business: Outing 
Club 1. N.C PIRG 2. OLD GOLDS BLACK Ad Salesman 3.4. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Treasurer 3.4; Dean's List 2.3 
SEAWELL. Emily Scott. Freehold. N.J.; BS Business. 
Strings 2.3.4. 

SEYDELL. Caroline C . Whicita Falls. Tex. 
SHANER. Ramsey E . Bethesda. Md. 
SHARP. Gail B : Winston-Salem. N C 
SHARP. Kenneth C; Madison. N.C 

SHAW. Leon Whitiield; Laurinburg. NC. BA Economics. 
Intramurals; CU Print Shop 3.4; Marching Band 1. 
SHIELDS. Robert G . Kmgspot. Tenn 

SHOAF. Sarah Catherine. Durham. N C : B.A Allied Health 
Professions. Beta Beta Beta 3: Maritimers; Vice- 
President 2. Strings Swim-Team Timer and Meet Or- 
ganizer Freshman Orientation Advisor 3. Open Cur- 
riculum Dean s List 1.2 
SHORE. Jimmie Clarence. Yadkinville. N.C 
SIMMS. John Elliott. Towson. Maryland; BS Physics. 
Sigma Pi 1.2.3,4. Corresponding Secretary 3; Society of 
Physics Students 3.4 SecTreas 4 

SIMPSON. Barbara Ann. Ruffm. N.C; BS. Business. Afro- 
American Society 1,2.3,4; Treasurer 2. Gospel Choir 2.3.4. 
Peer Advisor Program 3.4; Commencement Marshall 2. 

I Delta Kappa 3.4; Dean's List 1.2.3,4 

SKINNER. John William; Edenon. N.C; BA Psychology; 

Lambda Chi Alpha 2.3.4; Rugby Club 3; IHL 2. Outing Club 

1.2. Intramurals Marching Band 1.2. 

SLATE. Richard W . High Point. N.C. 

SLATERY. Charles K.; Knoxville. KTenn. 

SLOAN. Booker T . Winsion-Salem. N.C 

SMITH. Bridget Fair cloth. Winston-Salem. NC. 

SMITH. Cynthia G : KernersviHe. N.C 

SMITH. Elizabeth F . Houston. Texas 

SMITH. Julian Polk Stuart; Manassas. Va.; B.S. Chemistry: 

Experimental College 3. Publications Photographer 2.3,4 

SMITH. Margaret M., Tampa. Fla 

SMITH. Nancy i... Clemmons. N C 

SMITH. Sandra Massey. Winston-Salem. N.C 

SMITH. ScotI Alan: Fayetteville. NC: B S. Accounting: 

Taylor House Senator 1.2.3: Treasurer 2. Lt. Governor 

2. Award For Academic Excellence 3. MRC 2.3.4. Treasurer 

3. President 4; Student Budget Advisor Committee 2: Intra-; George Fostei " ' " " 

Of- " - "- 

Marshall 3. 

SMITH. Stephen W.; Bristol. Tenn 

SMYTHE. Jules W.; Bristol. Tenn 

2: Marching Concert and Pep Ba 
SODERSTROM. Lawrence P.; Advance. N.C 
SOFL£Y. Charles Frank; Mocksvitie. N C 
SOLT. Roger E.; Bowling Green. Ohio 

SPARKS William Knight. Greensboro. N.C; B.A. History; Pi 
Kappa Alpha House Manager 3; Vice-President 4. 
Beth Taylor 3.4 

SPENCER. Gerald D , Martinsville. Va. 
STANLEY. Glanda G ; King. N C 
STANSFIELD. Scott M : Dayton. Ohio. 
STATON. Allyn Moore. Sanford. N C . BA Philosophy 
STEEN, John Warren; Nashville. Tenn 

STEGALL. Carroll Richard. Fort Walton Beach. Fla . BJi. Bi- 
ology. Beta Beta Beta 3.4. Alpha Epsilon Delta 3.4; Transfer- 
red to W.F.U. 3; Clogging Club 4; Poteat Hoyse 3. 
STEWART. Charles S . Sutfem. N Y.. B.A Chemistry; Rugby 
2.3; SAA.C.S. 3.4 

STEWART. Donald A . Cherry Hill. N.J. 

STILLMAN. John Arthur; Hingham. Mass.; B.S. Business; 
Sigma Chi Winston-Salem Barbershop Quartet 2; 
Married a Wake Forest Coed March 30. 1974 Ginger Gaii 

STRAWSBURG. Johnathan C ; Dayton, Ohio 
STRESS. Dennis X . Wallingtord. Pa. 
STROUPE. Daniel L . Bessemer City. N.C 
SULLIVAN. James Davis. Cockeysville, Md. 
SUMPTER. Charles Wesley. Lynchburg. Va.; B.A. SCTA: In- 
formation Desk 2.3.4. Wake Forest Theatre. Story Theatre 2. 
Little Indians 2. Snow Job 2. Jacques Brel is Alive and Well 
and Living in Pans 2. Wake Forest Baptist Church Choir 
2.3.4. Touring And Chapel Choir 2; Student Government 
1,3.4. College Union Coffeehouse 3.4. OLD GOLD & BLACK 

SWING. Patricia Diane; Lexington. N.C: BA. Psychology: 
Steps 1.2,3.4; Historian 2. Projects Chairman 3; ISC 4 
SZENDREY. Keith Alan. Cherry Hill. N.J.; BS. Business. Col- 
lege Union 2.3.4. Vice-President 4. 

TALAYSUM. Adil Taley; Istanbul. Turkey: B.A. Economics: 
International Club 1.2.3 Vice-President l: Foreign Language 
Dionysia Contest. Clemson U 2. WFU Theatre 1. 
TATE. William Lee: Pulaski. Va : B S Business: Taylor House 
1; Intramurals 
TAYLOR. Betty S.; Fayetteville. N.C 
TAYLOR. Cathy D.: Washington. DC. 
TAYLOR. John S.. Greenville, S.C 
TAYLOR. Lee Anne; Springfield. Va. 

TAYLOR. Martha Elizabeth; Monroe. N.C; B.A. Psychology: 
Intramurals 1. Fideles 1,2,3.4; Social Chairman 3, President 
4. Oorm Council 2. WRC 3: hankins Scholar 
TAYLOR. Tommy Ray: Waxhaw, NC. 

TEMPLETON Greta Banks; Winston-Salem. NC: BA Biol- 
ogy: Intercollegiate Field Hockey University Choir Touring Choir 2: Thymes; Tri-Beta 3.4. 
Alpha Epsilon Delta 2. Intramurals 
TESH. Dennis Clark; Clemmons. NC. B.A Biology. March- 
ing Band 1.2,3 

THOMPSON. Dorris J.; Greensboro. N.C 
THOMPSON. James Finks: Decatur. Georgia 
THORNHILL. Elizabeth P . Lynchburg. Va 
TICE. Deborah j . Winston-Salem. N.C 
TILLETT. Ellen L . Winston-Salem. N.C 
TILLETT. Janine S . Winston-Salem. N.C 
TILLERY. A/aion Arthur. Greensboro, NC; BS Business 
Administration. Theta Chi Officer 4 
TILLEY. Forrest Vestal. Greensboro. N.C; B.A- Economics. 
Student Government 1.2.3. Finance Committee 3; Sigma Pi 

TODD. Mark J. Yadkinville. NC 

TOWNSEND. Margaret Allyne; Rowland. N.C ; B.A Biology. 
USRB 3: Thymes 

VANCE. Richa'd P.. Boone. N C 
VAUGHN. Robert W . Ashland. Va. 
VINSON. Robin K . Goldsboro. N C. 
WADSWORTH. Christophe' A . har\-ey Center. .V «■ 
WAGSTAFF. John H . floxfoco, V C 
WAlDENPELS Thomas P . Tyon. N C 
WALK. Steven Bruce. Blueheld. West Va . £1-4 Psycnoloqy. 
K3pp3 Aioha Freshman Bssketball I; Psychology 
Honorz 3.4 

WALKER, Gordon fle«a/, Burlington NO; SA Psychcloyy. 
Sigma Phi Epsiton ^.2.3.4 Chaplain 3 Pledge Trainer 3 
WALL. Lu Ann. Elkin. N.C 
WALLACE. Robert R . Manon. S C. 

WALLENDJACK. Mark Alan. Livingston. N J.. BA Music. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Marching Bano, Wind En- 
semble; Jazz Ensemble Orchestra 1,2.3.4. 
WALPOLE. Paul F . Warminster. Pa 
WARCO. Terry A , Washington. Pa. 
WARREN. James . Charlotte N C 
WARREN Richard C Coral Gables. Fla.. BA. German; 

WARREN. Wesley P . Winston-Salem. N C 

WASSON. Richard Oien; Seaford. De'aware. B.A. History: 

Marching Band 1.2.3. Theta Chi Fratemitv Soccer 

Club 1.3.4, Greek Editor fdr Howler 4 

WATSON Whitney M . Eton College. N.C 

WEAVER. Thomas N. New Holland. Pa. 

WEED. Terr, M. Cie.'nmons. NC . BA Biology: Transferred 

to Wake Forest 2; Alpha Lambda Delta 1.2. Maioretie 

WRC Dorm Council 3; Intervarsity 2.3.4 

WELDON. William H : Westfield. N.J.. B.S.: Transferred from 

Rollins 2. Poteat Horse. Student Government 4. 

WHEATLEY. Sharon Lee. Salisbury. NC. 
WHEELER. Mark Alan. Hazlet. N J.; BA. Biology: Siama Pi President 3.4. Rush Chairman 3; Student Govern- 
ment 3. Scabbard and Blade 4 

WHILDEN. David Charles. Raleigh. N C: B.A. Politics. 
Sigma Chi Judicial Board 2 
WHITE, Knox Haynsworth. Greenville. S.C: History BA.; 

Freshman Class President. Student Go 

President 2, Judicial Committee Chairman 3: Inter-Campus 

Council 1.2; Honor Council 4. Fnends of Reynolda 2.3. 

Omicron Delta Kappa President 3.4; Phi Alpha Theta 4; 

Cornmencement Marshall 3 

WHITEHEAD. Regina A.. Nashville. Tenn. 

WHITNEY. A. Grant. Charlotte. N.C. 

s J . Williamsburg, 

WICKMAN. Coby Ellen; Atlanta. Georgia; BS Math; Trans- 
ferred from Eton College 2. Strings 2.3.4; USRB 3,4 
WIEDMANN. Charles W.. Seaford. Delaware; BA. History; 
Theta Chi 2.3 4 Social Chairman 4 

WIENER. David Stuart. Catonsville. Md . B A. Economics: 
Debate Team 1. Eaperimental College 2; Intramurals 
WILCOX. Richard Scott, Baltimore. Md.; BS Economics; 
ROTC Delta Sigma Phi Debate Club 1: Stu- 
dent Government Legislator 4 
WILLIAMS. Frances D , Miami. Fla 
WILLIAMS, Gwendolyn M ; High Point. N.C 
WILLIAMS. Stephany Denise, Decatur. Georgia; B.A.; 
Strings t.2.3.4. SNCAE 3.4 Secretary-Treasurer 3 
WILSON. Elanor E . Salisbuiy. NC: BS Medical Technol- 
ogy. College Union Lecture Committee 1. Afro-Am. Society 

WOLLASTON. Jamie Kay; Hagerstown. Md.; BS Spanish! 

Business: Strings Intramurals 2.3.4 

WOMBLE. Robert Byron. Raleigh. N.C. BA Economics: 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

WOOD. Martha Joanne. Tampa. Fia . BA Anthropology, 

BSU Choir 2.3. Intramurals Maritimers 2. Thymes 

2 3.4: WRC Rep 2, Christian Action Group 2.3.4. Lambda 

Alpha 3.4 Secretary-Treasurer 4, 

WOODBURY. Charles P , Pensacola. Fla. 

WORTH Almira H . Raleigh. N C 

WRIGHT. Anthony Q.: Birmingham. Ala. 

V\fYCHE. David J . Hallsboro. N C 

YANDLE. Mark O. Durham. NC. 

f CI-.! 

Democrats 1.4; WFDD 1. The Student -* 

YOUNGER. Benny Dale Mount Airy. NC. BA. Music. 
Transferred to WFU alter one year at UNC Chapel hill; Uni- 
■sity Choir 3, Madrigals 3.4. Marie Dayton McDonald 


r 2.3 

YOUNGER. Jean Carol. North Wilkesborc. NC: BS. Busi- 
ness. Steps 2.3.4, Student Assistant Pol.t:C3 Department i 
ZELLIFF. Robert w . Pale-gh. N C 

ZELLMER. Susan Meredith. Haddon'ieid. NJ B.A 
French/Spanish. Fideies ' .2.3 SNCAE 4. Spanish Club 4. 
USRB 2.3.4 

Miriam E. Acker 

Vaiene H. Adamson 

Maria L. Agnello 

Micael K Allen 

Vicky Lee Allen 

Katharine M Amato 

James G. Anderson 

Robert R Anderson 

Mary S Anthony 

Richard Archer 

Sandy M. Archer 
Terry Gus Athas 
Mark E- Atkinson 
Darnell P Austin 
Joe L. Ayers 

Elizabeth L. Bagby 

David Lee Bagwell 

Cliff Bailey 

Susan W Bailey 

Darryl S. Ballard 

Amelia I Bambalis 
Bobbie Banks 
Shelley Banks 
Ann E. Barnes 
Roger Barrows 

James R. Batchlor 

William H Batten 

Lynn A. Baucom 

Jill Beach 

Sandra K Bean 

Harold W. Beavers 

Rebeccah M Beck 

Marti A. Bell 

Amelia Belton 

Don Bendall 

Robert F Bethea 

Vicky Bethel 

Richard H Bidlack 

Carl C. Black. II 

Deborah E. Black 

Ina E Blackmore 

Christopher P. Blair 

Gin Reid Blair 

Holly J. Blake 

William H Blalock 

Eddie L Booth 

Beth Bowen 

Merle G, Bowen 

Alisa R Boyette 

rvlike D Boyles 

David F Branch 

Stephen R. Briggs 

Evander BritI 

William D Britt 

William S. Britt 

Parris Frank Brock 

Becky L. Brooks 

Douglas Brown 

Frederick T Brown 

William L Brown 

Roger R Buchanan 

Gilmer S. Burdette 

Karen A Burdge 

Steve E Burkholder 

Anne E Butner 

Ryland P. Bird. Jr. 





Charles L Cain 
Barbara Calahan 
William C Cannon 

Othilia Y Carey 
Jeff N Carl 
Stanley J Carmical 

Ruth Carpenter 
Stephen R. Carpenter 
Michael L. Carpenter 

Edward J Cash 
Jeryl L Casstevens 
Les M. Caudle 

Carol J. Chandler 
Susan tA. Chandler 
Stephen E. Check 

Li-Fen Chen 
Cindy J. Chesnut 
Sylvia S. Chesson 

Stephen W. Christian 
Jeffrey H. Chilton 
Charles W. Clark 
Jeff M Cline 
Dave L. Clodfelter 
Steve W. Cotes 
Kathy Collier 
Anne Connely 
Cynthia Cook 
Glenn C. Cook 
Gregory L. Cook 
Barbara L. Cording 
Bill Cothran 
Nathan A. Couch 
Tyler Cox 

Charles L. Cranford 
Margaret Crawley 
Walter C- Crowell 
Horace Crump 
S. Daniels 
Gary Dark 
Nancy 3. Davis 
Jula J. Dean 
Sharon L. Delong 
Jason L Delooze 
Paul R.M. Demminh 
Robert E- Denton. Jr. 
Ernest C. Dickerson 
John Mark Dillon 
Kathryn R Dorr 
John £. Dowdelt 
Deborah H. Downey 
Jenny Downing 
Bryan A Dczier 
Juna H Drake 
James M Dubinsky 


Robert Dutort 

Bryan Dunkum 

India Early 

Arthur Edmonds 

Karen Elkins 

Robert Ellison 

Natalie English 

Urban Eriksson 

Laura Ervin 

Ginny Espenshade 

William Etson 

Richard Eudy 

William Evans 

William Ferrell. Jr 

Tom Fetzer 

Pat Fincher 

Prentiss Findlay 

Clinton Flagg 

Kathy Fleming 

Anne Forrest 

David Foster 

Cornelia Franz 

Stewart Eraser 

Perry Freeman 

Jeff Frisby 

Judy Fritz 

Ann Gadway 

Leslie Garber 

Jerome Gardocky 

Lesley Garrett 

Virginia Garrison 

Raymond Gatti 

Everett Geer 

John L George 

David Gesmundo 

Martha Gibson 

Sharon E Gibson 

David N Gill 

Donald A Qirard 

Stephanie M Glenn 

Eva A. Gonzales 

Jean Gordon 

Susan M Gordon 

Thomas R Grant 

Cathy L Green 

Edward M Griffin 

Linda E Griffin 

Cherry G Gulledge 

fvfananne F Guy 

Jeannie L Hall 

Clark Hallman 

Eric L. Hallman 

Anne C Hallowetl 

James D. Hamilton 



m, ^M. /\GMN! UKt THIS PLKCl" 


William Hamilton 
Shelley R Hammond 
Rex W Hanby 
William D Hardin 

John R Hare 
Dee Harrington 
Elizabeth W Harris 
Karen L. Harris 

John Hazlett 
Priscilla A Healy 
Kathy A Heaphy 
Deatra A. Hege 

Glenn C. Henderson 
Paul R- Henning 
Marshall J Hester 
David V Hettinger 

Mark T. Hix 
Charles E. Hobbs 
Timothy E. Hobbs 
Ann E. Hoffman 

Thomas E- Hoke 
Ned W Holland 
Mary L Howe 
Zack H Howerton 

Kathryn L Hubbard 
Thomas C Huber 
David R Huffman 
Holly A. Huffman 

Lee T Huffman 
Mary M. Humrich 
Susan Huneycutt 
Mary B. Hunsiker 

Jeffrey S. Hutton 
Margaret Irby 
Anne Jackson 
Sybil J. Jackson 

Paul M. Jansen 
Kenneth P. Jay 
Joel S. Jenkins 
Charles E. Johnson 


Charles A. Jones 

Greg Jones 

Robert S Jones 

Charles h Kane 

Kenneth D Kanoy 

David A Keith 

Cynthia I Kellis 

Linda M Kelly 

Mark Kelly 

Michael Kennedy 

Donald Kersey 

Ben W. Kilgore 

Ann C Killian 

Catherine W Kimm 

John W King 

Mark C King 

Joseph R Kinsey 

Nancy K Kinsey 

Robert E. Kirk 

Robert H Klatte 

James S. Kovarik 

Kenneth A Kratz 

Nancy J Kripner 

David W. Kunz 

Randy A Ladutko 

Gary B Lambert 

Gary M. Landwirth 

Thomas R. Lang 
Dean I. Langrall 
Scott E. Langton 
John W Lassiter 
Robert Latimer 
MP. Lathan 

M J Lavallee 

Henry C Lawrence 

Kenneth S Lee 

Charles A. Leslie 

Don Levinson 

Cynthia A. Lewis 

Mitchell I Lewis 

Henry Lee Lewis 

Joseph Lexa 

Joseph G Lin 

W.P. Linde II 

Charle L. Little 

George Littlewood 

Paul B Littmann 

Joseph A Liverman 

John R Logue 

Candy Love 

Barbara J. Lukes 

Lyie Robinson 

James H MacDougall 

Jill D. Mackinnon 

Ann E Macnaughton 

James T Madden 

Alan G Maiorano 

Robert W Malburg 

Arthur D. Mann 

Joseph S Harlowe 

Donna L Martin 

Keith C Martin 

Susan Martin 

Katherine S Martz 

Mark E Matheson 

Bryan R. Maxey 

Bobby S Mazzeo 

David S McCampbell 

Michael McCardell 

John A McCarthy 

Marta E McCave 

Joseph G Mcgee 

William P McKay 

William Mcleester 

Nancy L McLoughlin 

Randall R McMillan 

Rebecca J McMillan 

Patrick T. McNally 


Wayne E. McNeety 
William E McPeiers 
Ron D McS'A-'ain 
Kathenne Meiburg 
Sally Mendenhall 
David S- Mervine 
David M. Metcall 
Kevin E Miller 
Marcus C. Miller 
Peter J. Miller 
Stephen G Milter 
Chere E Mitchell 
Kent D Moberly 
Angela Monaco 
Carol Moore 
Matthew K. Moore 
Lynne Moose 
Sarah B. Mooty 
Donna Moreland 
Clint Morgan 
Ann Moylan 
Gary R. Muller 
Marilyn B Murphy 
Douglas E. Murray 
Jo Ann M. Nance 
David L- Nave 
David Newman 

David L. Newton 
William G. Nickell 
Kathryn Nightlinger 
Ronald M Niland 
Vicki Lee Noble 
Craig L. Nodtvedt 

Richard S. Nowlan 
Debbie O Keefe 
Eric N. Olson 
David E. Orton 
Sally Overstreet 
Joe T. Owen 

Deborah L Owens 
Monroe Pannell 
Dale H. Parker 
Kathryn Ann Parker 
Thomas E. Parker 
Preston G- Parrish 

Mary E. Patterson 
John E. Payne 
Diane K. Pearson 
Sueanna P. Peeler 
John F. Pendergast 
Steve T. Pendlebury 

Cynthia J. Pendleton 
Mary A. Phillips 
R. Pieringer 
Richard L. Pinto 
Jannie Pittman 
Mark J. Pompilio 
Clarence Pool 
Judy L. Powell 
Donald G. Prentiss 
Carroll Pressley 
John C. Privott 
John C Prouty 
Nancy L. Pruitt 
Leslie J- Radford 
Susan E- Raines 
Jane E Rawson 
Jan D- Reagan 
Howard R. Reece 
Lisa P. Reece 
Elizabeth A. Reed 
John E. Reinhart 
Malanie S. Rnam.ey 
Andiew Richardson 
Kenneth D- Ritchie 
William A. Rivell 
Mitchell L. Rivenbark 
Mark D. Robinson 


Cherie A. Rosemond 

David A Rosenbial! 

Davis R Ruark 

SB. Rubinate 

Ernie L Rushing 

William E Russ 

Ann Russeil 

Jeffrey Sander 

John W. Sanders, Jr 

Wade E Sanders 

Anita C Saulsbury 

William R Savage 

Jeff Schneider 

Donald Search 

Ann Sears 

Patricis Seitz 

Donald Sensing 

Gene M. Serba 

Craig C Shaffer 

Christopher Shaper 

Sheila Shearin 

Wade Shepard 

Bobby D Shepherd 

Joe IVIichael Sherrill 

Ruth Ann Shope 

Robert H Showers 

Joseph P. Stills 

Donald B Simmons 

Lyn E Sink 

fvlary Jo Sisson 

Barbara Smith 

Brian D Smith 

David E Sizei 

Debby Sizer 

Elaine R Smith 

Mary C. Smith 

Michael Smith 

Richard Smith 

Thomas C. Smith 

Colleen M. Snavely 

Howard M Steele 

Eric Sternberg 

Debbie L Stewart 

Ginger Q Stillman 

Harriet L Stimson 

Sharon R Srocker 

Bob D- Strachan 

Parker R. Sturgis 

Wallace E Sturgis 

Barbara C. Suttle 

William T. Sutton 

Janet E. Swaysland 

John C. Sweatman 

Mary Jo Sweeney 


£ .^ 


Robert G Sykex 
Rodolfo Taboada 
Hiroshi Takahash! 
Dacid F Tamer 
Richard D Taylor 
Thomas R Taylor 
Robert A Team 
Thomas E Temples 
Scott A Thacker 
Gerry C. Tolson 
Toby Tomlin 
Richard L Trexler 
Rodney L. Trivette 
Susar^ D Tucker 
Cathy E Tull 
William E. Tyler 
Charles G Vogel 
Gary A Vuko\/ 
Jacquelyn Waldie 
Michael Walker 
Scott Walton 
Robert J- Wansker 
Ruth M Ware 
John S Waters 
Laura B Weathers 
Peter T Weedon 
William a Wellborn 

Dianne Wheeler 
William White 
Scott Wilder 
Donna L Wiley 
Deborah J Williams 
Mark A Williams 
Ram Williams 
Robert Williams 
Diana R Wilson 
Lyn Wilson 
Mark Wilson 
Robert Winchester 
Robert R Winslow 
Eric C Wiseman 
Charles R. Wolfe 
Diana L Wood 
Selberl M Wood 
William A. Wood 
Linda D. Worley 
Elton R- Wright 
Karen E. Wyatt 
William Wntenbach 
Warren J. Yearns 
Jennie G Yonce 
James Johnson "fork 
Tate Young 
Kendal D Zagcr 


Reid C Adams 
Connie W Allman 
James H. Althaus 

DlWayne G. Amen 

Stephen J Anderson 

Steve Absher 

Harold E. Addis 

Margaret R. Ailes 

Tony Alexander 

Ellen J. Allford 

Debbie L Allen 

Mary M. Alleshouse 

Tresca L Allsman 

Mane L Anderson 

Leslie Anderson 

Eddie B. Anfindsen 

Laura J Arnessen 

Gail L Austin 

Ellie P. Autry 

Suzan B Ayers 

Sidney E Bachman 

Charles A. Baker 
Benjamin K. Ball 
Mark M. Barnes 

Timothy L Barnes 

Sharon L Barnett 

Jane F. Barr 

Sharon A Basden 

James C Bashelor 

Amanda A. Basmighl 


Rosemary Batten 
Scott W. Beck 
Carol Bedsole 

Michaei H. Beightol 
Nancy J. Bell 
Elizabeth Benjamin 

David N. Bennett 
Rodney M. Bennett 
Don T. Benton 

Rick E. Benton 
^1 Henry D. Berg 

m$ Gregg M. Bergstrom 

Ross A. Berlin 
Elizabeth Bethea 
Robert J Billbrough 

James N. Blackerby 
Caludia P. Blalock 
Thomas A. Bland 

Powell W Bland 
James R. Blevins 
Legena Blue 

Kenneth A. Boaz 
Robert D- Bogaty 
Mary F. Boldlng 

j»-, 1. - Stanley C Bond 
''•kIW Robert D. Boone 

Mxl ■' Donna J. Booth 

Lynda B Boozer 
JeUrey G Borden 
Ralph E. Boltenus 


Davia A. Boyter 

David Bozeman 

John L Bradley 

Douglas M Bradshaw 

Stephen D Brady 

Catherine S Brandt 

Robert W Brett 

Steven V Brewer 

William H Brinker 

Edward M Bristol 

Tim M. Browder 

Carolyn L Brown 

Virginia L. Brown 

William M Bucher 

Jetfrey G Bullins 

Bennett S Bullock 

Matt Ballard 

William D Bumgarner 

Frank K. Burns 

Bradley G Bute 

Charles L Butler 

Michael J Bybee 

Donna J. Callaway 

Jeffrey S Calvert 

Debbie A Campbell 

Deborah J Campbell 

Harry D Campbell 

IVIark T Campbell 

William B Cameron 

Margaret Canfield 

Biuce W Carpenter 

Kendal N Carrier 

V C. Carroll 

James Carscaddon 

Arley R Carter 

Loius N Case 

Carol W. Casper 

Richard W Caudell 

Frank T Ceraso 

Sumner D. Chase 

Laura V. Chajka 

Warren M Cheek 

Bryan J. Chestnutt 

Linda E. Chico 

Beverly L- Christie 

Caryl Clark 

Ronnie S Clinard 

CJ Clodfefter 

David J Clontz 

Cynthia A. Cloud 

Brad Coltrain 

Stephanie Olive Coleman 

Richard B Collins 

Harold G Coison 

A^^mi. .id 

Alan W Cone 
Sandra S Cone 
Belh Connelly 
Daniel K Cook 
Jim B Cook 
William A. Cook 
Kevin T Cooper 
Steve L Copelana 
Kellv Corbridge 
John R- Collrsll 
David L. Craven 
Connie Crawford 
Susan W Creech 
Sarah L Creel 
Mark A. Creger 
Cecil K Cress 
Charles J Crist 
Tom L. Crouch 

i^ M^ ^ ^:^ M^^A. 

Roper A Culler 
Betsy Gulp 
Brian N Cupp 

Rux B Currin 
Wheeler J Dale 
Clay Damewood 

Doug A Datt 
Roger P. Davis 
William R Davis 

Brad Day 
Judy A Deese 
Terry L Dehrkoop 

John S Deloache 
James H Demming 
Kevin H Denny 
Wanda C Devore 
Tim P Ditlow 
David W Dixon 
Debbie D Dixon 
Dennis G Dolny 
David H Dulong 
Sarah L Doyls 
Thane E Duncan 
John A Dunn 
Phillip D. Dupont 
Gary M Durbin 
Thomas M. Durham 
Peggy H. Eakins 
Lauren V Eastburn 
Kevin S- Eccles 
Christopher K. Edden 
Thornton E Edwards 
Mary E Edwards 
Robert J- Eglestoh 
Jean I. Eldndge 
Jane C. Eller 
Laura L Elliott 
Charles R. Ellis 
Mark D. Ernsberger 
Elizabeth D Evans 
Timothy J Farley 
Sue Ellen Farmer 
Lisa Ferguson 
Al Fitzgeralo 
Robert A Forsyth 
Dianne J- Foster 
John K Foster 
Richard A. Fox 


Richard L. Francis 

Enc M Frankovitch 

Elizabeth L. Fuller 

Richard W. Furay 

Stephen fi Futrell 

Tony W Gaddis 

Michael T Gallagher 

John W Gallahan 

Hilary L Gardner 

Tern L Gardner 

Lyn M. Garmon 

Burlon A. Gault 

James George 

Kenneth K. Gerrity 

Timothy W Gilbert 

Joel R. Gillespie 

Jan H Gilliam 

David E Glass 

Bobby N Glover 

Norman E. Godwin 

Jane L Goforlh 

John A Goode 

Marilyn B Gordon 

Andrew P. Goulder 

Patricia A Graham 

John G. Grant 

Mary C- Gribble 

Charles P. Griffin 

Ann L Grim 

John B Groome 

Sheila M Gulley 

Nancy Gunzenhauser 

Candice H Haigler 

Eddie C. Haire 

Nancy L Hairfield 

Mary E. Hall 

Bobbie Sue Hall 

Donald B Haller 

Emmett Halliday 

Karen W. Hallmark 

Nancy R Hamilton 

Larry D Hamrick 

Grace E. Hancock 

George T. Hardison 

G.S Hart 

John S. Hatchell 

Julia K Hatcher 

Jerry A Hauser 

John C Hawkins 

William D. Hawkins 

Joseph J Hawley 

Mike N Hayes 

Tapani Hayrinen 

Karen V. Heiiieman 

Carey S. Hendrix 

Leslie J Herd 

Paul Hesser 

Ruthann L. Hibbs 

Cheryl J Hill 

William D. Hill 

Margaret M Hobbs 

Clarke Hobson 

Scott M. Hoch 

Barbara J- Hochuli 

Steve J. Holcombe 

Mark E. Hollern 

Robin L. Holley 
MA Hollingsworth 
Richard W Hooley 
William C. Hooper 

S4 '^ . tf t^, 


Nancy E. Hord 
Mary 8. Horn 
Tim Horn 
David A Howell 
David Hudson 
Shirlene Hunt 
Stephen M Hux 
Paul A. Ingles 
Kimberly A. Iverson 
David T James 
Frances E James 
Allen D. Jenkins 
Joseph M. Jenkins 
Gary L Johnson 
Jay E Johnson 
MA. Johnson 
David M. Jones 
Gordon H Jones 
Jan A. Jones 
Joseph H Jones 
Leslie Jones 
Michael E. Jones 
William K Jones 
Petere I Kamins 
Deborah A Kegel 
Terry H. Keith 
Martha E. Kellar 

EC. Kelly 
Paul E. Kendig 
Brian A. King 
Glenn A. King 
Douglas J Kinz 
Mary C. Knierim 
Susanna J Knutson 
Mary E Koehne 
Ann B Konhaus 
Gwyn E Coody 
Kurt K. Kornhaus 
Bobby H. Kutteh 
Linda L Lail 
Leslie F Lamb 
Francis A Landwehr 
Carol A Lawrence 
Kathy A. Lee 
Jeffrey M Leightcn 
Mark Leuchtenberger 
Andrew J Lewis 
William S. Lewis 
James R. Lineberger 
Kennie J. Liverman 
Gary L. Long 
Erik D. Lounsbury 
Elizabeth A Loden 
Lane A. Love 
R Lundguist 
Stacey L. Lunsford 
Joan E. Liisk 
Laura E. Lyons 
Frances MacFayden 
William L Mam-' 
Ruth E Malone 
Hanry B. Magnum 
Ralph E. Marion 


Mary E Martin 

Mike Matossian 

Glenn R- Matteson 

Paul Mazzaterro 

Donald L. Mcavoy 

George M. McCanless 

Susan G McFalls 

Robin S McFarlin 
John P McGee 
John W. McGee 
James M Mckeown 
Tim L McLaughlin 
Mary E. McLean 
Mary L McNeil 

Robert S McNeil 

Joseph A McSwain 

Philan Medford 

Pete M Mele 

mary E Melton 

George L- Mewborn 

Barry K Miller 

Jeffrey D. Miller 

Petere D MInarich 

Joseph G Mitchell 

Bill Molnar 

Richard S. Monday 

Nancy L Monroe 

Diana L. Moon 

Cecil L. Moore 

James L. Moore 

Laura M- Moore 

Thomas L. Moore 

Durman W Moose 

Andrea M Morgan 

Brenda J. Morgan 

Mitchell L. Morgan 

Sarah B. Morgan 

Marcus N Morra 

Randy Morris 

John Muirhed 

Penny A Mullery 

James T Mulling 

Ann Mumma 

Paul B Murphy 

WE. Musselwhite 


Janice E Myers 
Tim J Nance 
David E Nash 
John A Nelms 
Nancy A. Newcomb 
Don A. Nicholson 
Michael P. Norcio 

Alan H. Norton 
Carol N. Norman 
Meg S. Nottingham 
Maragret A Nowell 
Mark J Olson 
C L Origer 
Tracy D. O'Shell 

Tommy O'Toole 
Bill Ott 

Douglas R Owens 
Jane Ownes 
William J. Owens 
Nancy J Pabst 
Lisa A. Paige 

Sandra A Pajor 
John A- Parker 
Susan E Parker 
C.A Parkerson 
Christopher Parks 
Annis B Paschal 
Kenneth Patterson 

Lane A. Patterson 
Michael A. Paul 
Michael S- Payne 
Libby C. Pee 
Bill W Peters 
Judith L. Peterson 
Ken Pittman 

Mark N. Poovy 
Leslie Powell 
Leslie W Powell 
Cecil D Price 
Fotsom C Proctor 
Martin 8 Province 
Earl Lee Raby 



Malynda J. Ragan 
William G Raggio 
Virginia Ramsey 
Julie M Randels 
Janet L. Raschke 
Brewster S, Rawls 
Tonya M Reavis 
Lynn L. Redden 
John G Redmond 
Nola J Reed 
Cathy N Reader 
Mary M. Reese 
John Regan 
Robert L Reid 
Sarah Reisler 
Charles E Reynolds 
Donny L. Rich 
Carolyn Richardson 
Peter Rieke 
Robert E King 
William V Roebuck 

C. Jay Rabbins 
Mark D Rotyertson 
Victor C Robertson 
Ann L Rob'hson 
James M Robinson 
Michael S Robinson 
William C. Rodgers 
Lisa L. Rose 

D. Royal 
Lyn Royston 
Charles T Rush 
T.M- Russo 
Donald J. Sabia 
Jo Ann Sager 
Anne L San'ord 


Sandra Sasser 

Susan G Satrom 

George J. Scherer 

Herman E Schmid 

Alana V. Schmidt 

Russell W Schrader 

Jeffrew S Schwall 

Margaret R. Scott 

Randolph B. Screen 

Ralph O. Scronce 

Marcus S Seabock 

Chris B. SeiPert 

Darlene Shaw 

Peggy E Sheehan 

Rebecca A. Shields 

Dinah G. Shore 

Martha E. Shore 

Gleen E. Simpson 

Brian D. Siska 

Gregory M Slaton 

Bradley C Slaydon 

Laura J. Smettzly 

Deborah G Smith 

Ginger N. Smith 

Pamela K. Smith 

Susan L Sowell 

Louis C. Sparks 

Michael S. Speas 

Randy Spiesman 

John W. Stamey 

Dennis K. Stan/ield 

Sharon A. Stanley 

Stam W Stathis 

Janet B. Stedman 

Willam H. Steele 

John G. Stevens 

Dan G- Stewart 

Lynn Carol Stewart 

Lizabeth A Stickle 

Laurie J. Stirling 

John J Stith 

Ashley H. Story 

Raymond Stovall 

John B Street 

Carolyn C Strout 

Barbara L Sudduth 

Stran Summers 

Daniel K Swanson 

David C Swanson 

Karen B Swanson 

Wanda Y Tabron 

Jana D. Talbot 

Rick L. Tarleton 

Harriet A. Tate 

Joseph G Taylor 

Sherry L. Taylor 

John fl. Teel 

Anne Terrell 

Joseph W Testa 

Ann Tholstrup 

Robert W Thomas 

Ellen G Thorne 

Laura E. Thorne 

Marsha M Thornton 

Coleman M. Ticer 

Ellen L. Tillett 

Ellen T Tillett 

Lyn W Tillett 

Lynn J Tilley 

Paula A. Tilley 

Mary S. Touchstone 

Pamela L Tripletl 

Keith A. Trumho 

Laura K. Turner 

Robbie T Turner 

Donna D Upchurch 

Peter J VanDyke 

Deborah L Via 

Susanna VonCanon 

RenSe M Wagner 

Martin C. Walker 

Jennifer D. Wallis 

Suzanne G. Ward 

Patricia Watkins 

John A Watson 

Elizabeth A. Watts 

Steve S Weatherman 

John W. Weaver 

lerecia A. Webb 

Barbara L- Weeks 



A iJ^ 

Daniela S. Weeks 
Joseph G. Weinberger 
Susan C Wenze! 
Sheryl West 
Michael J. Whatley 
Ellen Whilaker 
Dennis R White 
Jo E. White 
John C. Whits 
Mary E White 
William Whitehurst 
Rhonda Whitney 
Jim W Whiltington 
David W Wiederecht 
James M Wiles 
Thomas A. Will 
Lonnie B Williams 
Robert 8 Williams 
Michael Williamson 
Paul R Williamson 
Joseph W Williford 
David C. Wilson 
Deborah A Wilson 
Karen Wilson 
Scott D Wilson 
Karen L Winkler 
Michael L. Winters 
Judith Withers 
Susan P. Woerner 
Harvey E Wood 
Laura L. Woody 
Becky A. Wray 
Donald S. Wright 
Dawn E Yandle 
John B. Yaskin 
James Yavorsky 
Charyl Yocum 
Debbie A Young 
Morris M Young 
Stephen H Young 
Donna L Yowell 
Janet Yu 
Brad W Zabel 
Philip N. Zambos 
Peter M. Zehler 

Surein Abeyewardene 
Sallie Adkins 
John B. Albers 
Leonard J Allen 
Maynard E. Allen 
Carol L Allred 
John S. Alspaugh 
Thomas W Alston 
Lesley Anderson 
Tommy W Andrew 
Teresa M. Arnold 
Ginger Avent 
Mark H. Badgett 
James B Badini 
Kathie C. Bahry 
George N Bakalis 
Anson K. Baker 

Donald C. Baker 
Julie A Baker 
Kathryn A. Baker 
Murray L Baker 
Valerie A. Baker 
Mary F. Baltz 
Marcia A. Banker 
John L. Barker 
Lisa F. Barlow 
Lewis N Barr 
Jeffrey M. Beat 
Ann H Beaver 
Louise F. Beaver 
Gregg Beck 
Scott Bedsole 
Bruce Beebe 
Melinda E Bell 
Thomas L. Bell 
Lori A. Bellew 
Jennifer B. Beltz 
Jack Berry 
Feodor Bijkersma 
Sue A Bisi-iop 
Kathleen M. Bissell 
Mary Anne Black 
Samuel W. Black 
William M. Bloss 



Catherine E. Bolton 

Matthew H. Booher 

Kyla A. Boone 

Frances S- Boukedes 

Andrew Bowden 

John C Bowers 

Sharon D. Bowser 

Catherine L. Boyce 

Susan E. Boyles 

Greg C. Brann 

Cathy Brasher 

Vichi L Breedlove 

Greg J. Brewer 

Bobby G. Brewington 

Dave A. Brinjac 

James D. Bronk 

Carlton R- Brooks 

Joseph M. Broughton 

Fred W, Brown 

Judy L. Brown 

Steve C. Brownell 

Patricia Bumsted 

Jon H Burke 

Debbie Burns 

James H. Burrus 

Beth Burton 

David J. Butier 

Jim P. Cam 

Vicki L. Calcagnini 

Anne S Calkins 

Gardner Campbell 

Frank A. Carchedi 

Brigitta Carlson 

Steve Carlton 

Ivlary C. Carter 

Pamela k. Chastain 

Lee A Chrlsman 

Leann E. Clapp 

Barbara M. Cleary 

Tim L. Cline 

Martha Clinkscales 

Jell W Cobb 

John R. Connor 

Michael J. Coomer 

Leslie S. Cooper 

Preston Corbett 

Donna E. Corey 

Anne C Cowart 

David G Cox 

Helen D. Cox 

Jay J. Coyle 

Barbara E Craig 

Linda L. Crocker 

Douglas H. Culpon 

David H. Daniel 



Charlotte M Darden 
Cynltiia A. Darnell 
Sharon A. Darnell 
Julie A Darracott 
Scotl C. David 
Richard Davidson 
Ken E Davis 
Kimberly A. Davis 
Reid S Davis 
Sheryl L Davis 
Tim M Davis 
Jane B. Dawkins 
Kim A. Deaton 
Ann S. Debo 
Stephen W Dejter 
Harvey Delano 
Karen L Demarest 
Phyllis H Dew 
David Dickerson 
Liz A. Dickson 
Evan H Dillon 
Pamela F Dobbins 
Donna J. Doulong 
Laurie E Doyle 
Robert W Dozier 
Tom I. Draskovics 
Melanie Drew 
George L Droz 
Terry A. Dukes 
David A Dunn 
Nancy E Dyson 
Sarah K Early 
Karen L Edwards 
Douglas M Eisler 
Laura M. Elliott 
Paul Engstrom 

Steven S. Erickson 
Karyn A. Esser 
Judith L. Evans 

Mary B. Facchine 
Thomas M. Fagan 
James B. Fairchild 

Dyer J. Farley 
David S. Felman 
Betsy Felts 

Amy L Fickling 
Henrietta S. Fields 
Jill A. Fink 

Dana Fishburne 
Cathy J. Fisher 
Robert T Flowe 

Russ E Ford 
Suzanne L. Forty 
Bill E. Foster 


David L. Fouike 
Frank L. Frailey 
Robert Fraysse 
Kathy Freeman 

Charles E. Frye 

Thomas G Fulghum 

James W. Fulton 

Kaye Gable 

Carlos J. Ganoza 
J. Ellison Garvin 
Cindy L. Gaudin 
Janet L. Gebbie 

Scott Gerding 

Susan B Giesler 

Andrew Gluski 

Kim E Godley 

Lee Godwin 

Tina G aiding 

Donald L. Goodman 

Jeanne L Goodman 

Stephen P Goodman 

John Gordon, Jr. 

Carol A. Gough 

Anna R. Grady 

Susan P Graham 

Thomas P. Graham 

Mike R Grande 

Tamara L Greb 

Ken H Green 

Michael C. Green 

Virginia A Greiss 

Andy S. Gritfin 

David L. Gunn 

Timothy J. Gunn 

Stephen J Gurganus 

Tom Gwyn 

David S Haga 

John T. Haggerty 

Wendy Haggerty 

Marianna D Hampton 

Wade G. Hampton 

Steve Hamsiead 

Steve R Harner 

Beverly E. Hams 

Carolyn M. Hartshorn 

Ann H Harvey 

Susan B Harwood 

Kenneth Hawkins 

Thomas P Hayes 

Joseph V Haynes 

Altreda M Helton 

Myron P Hendrix 

Cathy L. Henkens 

Douglas Henley 

0. Heimansdorfer 

Lyndsay A. Hester 

Scott B. Hewitt 



John A. Higgie 
Jimmy Hill 
Nathaniel Hilliard 

Verna J Hodges 
Ann Hoffman 
Ricfiard C Hoffman 

Rictiard Hoffman 
Susan E. Hoffman 
Everett Holdridge 

Jennie L. Holmes 
Karen A Holmes 
Holla Holt. Jr. 
Lon A Honey 
Janet L Hopper 
David W. Hord 
Steve Horosko. Ill 
Karen L. House 
Walter L. House 
David L Houston 
Jotin A Howard 
Catherine J. Howell 
Jo Ann Howell 
Robert M. Howerton 
Joey V Huff 
John C Huffman 
William G Huggins 
Alan F Hull 
Janie Hunley 
Don B Hunsucker 
Gary L Hunsucker 
W. Thomas Huntsman 
Terry W Huss 
fvlichael J lacobucci 
Christopher W Ingram 
Carolyn L. Inman 
James V Isenhour 
Martha J. Isleib 
Sharon A. Jeffries 
Steve N. Jeske 
Jean K Joel 
Alexis E Johnson 
Cathy A. Johnson 
Chanty A. Johnson 
Dennis T. Johnson 
James S. Johnson 
Pamela K Johnson 
Pandora G Johnson 
Rebecca Johnson 
Bernard A Jones 
Judy L. Jones 
Raymond Jones 
Jeffrey S- Jurek 
Andrew H. Kahn 
Kenneth F. Kast 


Scott C. Keenan 

Peter J- Kelly 

Elizabeth Helton 

Kyra H Kenan 

Glenn C Kent 

David M. Kersey 

Susan K Kersker 

Victoria A. Kilgore 

Linda M Kitchings 

John D. Kling 

Randall S Knapp 

Paul C Knepp 

Cynthia D Knoght 

Pamela J Koch 

Lynda M Kohnken 

Fred S Koppenhefter 

Valerie Kowaifwski 

Bob Kragie 

John F. Krahnerl 

Keith A Kraner 

Dale J Kratz 

Karl V Kropp 

Mark K Kruea 

Catherine M. Kuhn 

Matthew L Kuhn 

Michael J. Lakusta 

Mike S Lambeth 

William Langford 

Michael R Langlew 

Sylvia A Lathrop 

Randall B Lautfer 

Stephen C Laws 

Phillip C. Leckrone 

Bebecca J. Lee 

Roger W Lee 

Carolyn B Lehoczky 

Richard D Lemmerman 

George D Lenz 

Edward B Leonard 

Linda S Leonard 

Lauren K Levi 

Laurie R Ligon 

Thomas H Littell 

Kathryn A Livesay 

Douglas S Long 

Henry H Long 

Todd M Lord 

Steve M Lore 

Nancy E Loveioy 

John R Lowden 

Herb P Lucas 

Janet D Lucas 

Pat P Lunka 

RJ Lunslord 

Ouang H Luong 

Charles T Lyda 

Allen K Lydick 

Michael G Macher 

Donald R MacQueen 

David F Madigan 

Martha R Mahon 

Robert J. Mahoney 

Thomas C Mann 

Keith M. Martin 

Steven G Matsik 

Jim B May 

Nancy W. McAdams 

Thomas E. McCarter 

Kathleen M. McClay 

Brian K. McCullouch 

Sandra McGill 

Thomas D McGowen 

Mary P McHugh 

John A McLeod 

Anne E McMillan 


Bnnkley Malvin 
Doug E Meyer 
Jacklyn A Mickle 

vo- Cindy L. Miller 

'■**' Lynn Miller 

Robert A. Miller 
Waverly Mills, Jr 
William Mitchell 
Emily H Moak 
Mark P. Moir 

E J Montague 
Marcia L. Mooney 
Caroline G. Moore 
Stuart Moore 
Terrence J Moore 

David F. Morgan 
Cindy Moreland 
Tyler R Morgan 
William Morgan 
Martha B. Morrison 

Bonita J. Moss 
Nancy Murphy 
Christy L. Myatt 
Jack A. Nales 
Mary C. Nance 

Nancy Nateloi 
Allan E. Nations 
Kathleen Neal 
Tricia J. Neary 
Charles Neaves 

Thomas P- Nelson 
Eric E Nickeson 
Chris A Nitr 
David P Nolan 
Kirk M- Norbo 


David A Norman 

Douglas E Norton 

Daniel J Oakley 

Thomas F O'Brien 

Rudy L. Ogburn 

Helena T. Ohiund 

Dugie Oliver 

Jelf A. Orr 

Charles D. Osborne 

Cynthia Osborne 

Nancy E Osborn 

Gerald P Owens 

Tern J. Painter 

Glen E Palmer 

Nick J Pantlnakis 

Molly J Parker 

Nancy E Parker 

Jeff R Parno 

Paul J Pascarelll 

Dick B Paschal 

Linda J. Patterson 

Brian E Paul 

Judy A. Pazdan 

John K. Pearson 

Kim J Peeler 

George C Pennell 

Bonnie L. Petterson 

Lisp. M Phillips 
William J Pike 
Richard L Pippin 
James G Plaxco 
Harry Pollack 
Donald Poore 
Richard L Poller 
Charles A Prail 
Joseph T Price 
Louis B. Price 
Kirk H Proctor 
Robert Pryor 
Richard K Pulling 
Niels E. Pustrom 
Mark Queen 
Zaid D Rabie 
Aendree M Rankin 
Brad Rayson 
Sheree J. Readling 
Oscar D Redwine 
Robert D Reed 
Bonita L Reeder 
Joseph R Reeves 
Nona J Reeves 
Phillip M. Regan 
Marlon V Reyling 
Sherry L Reynolds 

Noel E Rhodes 
Ellen E Richardson 
Ryland R Roane. Jr 
Mary A. Roberston 
Thomas G. Robinson 
Anne Rodman 
Fredrick W Rook 
Betsy Roper 
Bob Rosser 
Judy Y. Rowland 
Scott A. Roy 
Thomas A. Rozanski 
Jeff D Rupp 
Cindy E Rushing 
Kenneth T Ryals 
James R. Saintsing 
Doug D. Satyers 
Francis C Sarro 
Jane C. Stachell 
Linda Saltier 
Dennis Savage 
Michael Sawyer 
David W. Schamens 
R. Paul Schaudies 
MR. Scheeler 
Mark D. Schulte 
Mark E Schurmeier 

Eugene Scolamiero 
Sue E. Scripsema 
Richard N Sears 

Leanne C. Seaver 
Mark R Segel 
Robert E Seymour 

Lenice Shaw 
Peter C Shipman 
Barry Sikes 

Betsy K Simn-ions 
Robin L Simmons 
James Slate 



Debbie L. Smith 

Karen P. Smith 

Laura J Smith 

Lisa G Smith 

Robert Smith 

Sandra C. Smith 

Sandra L Smith 

Larry Southerland 

Debbie Spainhour 

David B^ Spear 

David C. Spivey 

James M. Spragins 

Edward H. Stall 

John B- Stamps 

Carol A. Stapleton 

Joe J Steften 

Nadine L Stensland 

Dennis K Stephenson 

Michael Stevenson 

Janet Stoepker 

William E. Sloltz 

Reid Scott 

Anda L Strauss 

Gary M Stroner 

Steven G Sutton 

Richard F. Swaim 

Christopher Sweet 

Richard Tamer 

Teresa T Tanner 
Kevin C Tapp 
Joseph Taylor 
Valeri J Taylor 

W M Taylor 

Joel T Teaque 

Ken A Terzian 

Perry Tharington 

Constance Thurston 

John M Thomas 

Gary L. Thompson 

Kim Thompson 


Tim Tibbets 
Mark Tinder 
Elizabeth Tornow 
Michael B Toth 
Mark R. Trever 
Robert P Trivette 
Beth Anne Trousdale 
Elenor W Trowbridge 
Theodore Tsangaris 
Anna Maria Tsiantis 
Dana G. Tugman 
Cheryl Turner 
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Harold W Vann 
Dane L Vincent 
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Juliam Wade 
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Margaret C Wall 
Phil Wall 

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Scott Wallace 
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Wanda K Watts 
Royce R Weatherly 

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Jonelie Williams 


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Stanley D Yeatts 

Larry Yerger 

Nancy W. Young 

Sarah M Young 

Betsy H Yu 

Robin Young 

Ruth Zultner 



*i/J\. '.iKaS^iL^!i^ .k 

Suzanne Miller 

Eric Morel 

Keanne Murphy 

Joseph L. Nault 

Steve Nida 

Charles D. Osborne 

Marie B Raffeau 

Linda S. Robertson 

Edwin C. Rowland 

Edward A. Schaberle 

C-J- Schubert 

Elizabeth L. Stouse 

Joanne M Suiek 

Claudia C. Thompson 

Mike Tuggle 

Eleanor E. Wilson 

William Wingard 

Mark F Wright 

Tibe Jian Wu 

Kathleen B Wyche 

Kathryn R. Young 

niwW(^ ifw#5 


It was a quiet year, 

Lives settled into slow, rythmic patterns - 
the academic schedule seldom interrupted. 

Free time was idled away 

in the company of a few friends: 

in solitude. 

The essential sense of a unified 
university community was only 
a memory from the past. 

The pressures of a shakey economy 

and a tight job market 

pushed their way into our lives 

creating an overwhelming obsession 

with the future. 

Driven by our fears. 

we secluded ourselves 

with out books - 

hoping good grades ensured 

a successful life. 

Competition became 

the watchword of the age. 

Mistrust grew up between friends 

no one could comfort us - 

for everyone was a runner in the race. 

We were good students, 
insensitive people. 

Nonetheless, we had flashes 

of unity. 

Glaring moments when 

lone observers turned into 

cheering crowds. 

Other instants of spontaneity 

when we clutched out 

in an effort to help, 

to laugh, 

to share our lives. 

There were party times when we tried 

to hide our fears 

(as well as our growing social ineptness). 

The music was loud. 

The brew was good. 

Yet the cycle refused to release us. 

We always returned to our solitude. 


So we remained 

trapped in a limbo of our own creation. 

We hoped for a different day 

wtien we would have both the time 

and the courage 

to reach out 

without a thought for the 

awesome future 

which hovered above us. 

With no such day in sight, 

we continued in our isolated struggles. 

It was a quiet year. 


The yf'^'t jf 











Brian Legakis -Art 


Bob Knott -Art 


Sterling Boyd - Art 


Gary Cook - Art 


Hugo Lane - Biology 


Robert Sullivan - Biology 


Ronald Dimock - Biology 


James McDonald 

Veryl Becker - Biology 


Herman Eure - Biology 


Raymond Kuhn - Biology 


Mary Beth Thomas - Biology 


Peter Weigl - Biology 


\ Y 

h-. I 



Gerald Esch - Biology 


Raynold Wyatt - Biology 


John Dimmick - Biology 


Thomas Olive - Biology 


Ralph Amen - Biology 


Charles Allen - Biology 


Stephen Ewing - Business 


Glenn Rhyne - Business 


Delmer Hylton - Business 


Jeanne Owen - Business 



1. Wallace Baird - Chemistry 

2. Willie Hinze - Chemistry 

3. Roger Hegstrom - Chemistry 

4. Phillip Hamrick - Chemistry 

5. Harry Miller - Chemistry 

6. John Nowell - Chemistry 

7. Paul Gross - Chemistry 

8. Judith Hemple - Chemistry 



7. William Cage - Economics 

2. Robert Ulery - Classical Languages 

3. Carl Harris - Classical Languages 

4. Rick Heatley - Classical Languages 

5. Donald Frey - Economics 

6. John Moorhouse - Economics 

7. John Andronica - Classical Languages 



A a 


Hfi ... 

FY ^ 


AS .» 

.. .. \\1Z > - 

Ee ^ 

... l>p ~ 

ZC - 

._-.. la: . 

En - 

...... Tt 

He -. 

, Yu ■■'"- 


-.-.--^ (1)9 -^ - 






. Hco 


Jon Litcher - Education 


Leonard Roberge - Education 


Herman Preseren - Education 


John Parker - Education 


Thomas Elmore - Education 


J. Don Reeves - Education 


Lee Potter - English 


Robert Snyder - English 



James Dervin - English 


Doyle FoSSO - English 


Elizabeth Phillips - English 


Dillon Johnston - English 


John Carter - English 


Alonzo Kenion - English 


Robert Shorter - Engiisg 


William Moss - English 


Jerald Bullis - English 


ilP 1 







Bynum Shaw - English 


Tom Gossett - £ng//sh 


Edward Lobb - English 


Blanche Speer - English 


Michael Roman - English 


Beulah Raynor - English 


Robert Lovett - English 


Rodney Meyer - English 




Larry West - German 


Timothy Sellner - 

- German 


James O'Flaherty - German ] 


Cyclone Covey - 



J. Howell Smith 

- History 


Wilmer Sanders 

- German 


Ralph Fraser - G 



Lowell Tillett - History 


Richard Zuber - 



Richard Barnett - 



James McDowell 

~ History 


Alan Williams - History \ 


Louise E. Hoffma 

1 - History 


David Hadley - History 


David Smiley - History 


Michael Sinclair - 

- History 


Edwin Hendricks 

- History 

'^ T 

— ^^v- 


Richard Carmichael - Math 


John Sawyer, Gaylord May - Math 


Fredrick Howard. Marcellus Waddill. 

Joseph Mazzola, Ellen Kirkman, 

James Kuzmanovich - Math 


Elmer Hayashi - Math 


Ivey Gentry - Math 


Ben Seelbinder - Math 


Graham May - Math 

1. Lt. Col. William Scott - Military Science 

2. Master Sgt. Elmer Parker - Military Science 

3. Major Stephen Gamble - Military Science 

4. Cpt. Jesse Bracket!, Jr. - Military Science 

5. Cpt. Floyd Griffin, Jr. - Military Science 

6. Master Sgt. Charles Norton - 
Military Science 

7. Major Paul Cook - Military Science 

8. John Baxley - Math 


Paul Robinson - Music 


Annette Le Siege - Music 


George Damp - Music 


Lucille Harris - Music 


Christopher Giles - Music 


Ann Fairbanks - Music 


Donald Hoirup - Music 


Davidson Burgess - Music 


Robert Vorsteg - Philosophy 


Gregory Pritchard - Philosophy 


Marcus Hester - Philosophy 


Robert Helm - Philosophy 


Charles Lewis - Philosophy 


Leo Ellison - p.E- 


Tommy Boone, Paul Ribisl. | 

Gary Adams - P E 


Dorothy Casey - p.e 


Pamela Wiegardt - p e. 


Sharon Perkins - P e 


Harold Barrow - p e 


Deborah David - p.e 


William Dellastatlous - 

P E 


Marjorie Crisp - 




Hottinger - p.e. \ 


Neal Ea 

ris -P.E 



Kerr - Physics \ 



Turner - 



Howard Shields 

- Physics 




- Physics 


Ysbrand Haven - 



Robert Brehme - 

- Physics 

LV.'is] ft^SinG^ 


David Catron - Psychology 


John Williams - Psychology 


Robert Beck - Psychology 


Rosemarie Patty - Psychology 


Robert Dufort - Psychology 


Charles Richman - Psychology 


Toni FalbO - Psychology 


David Hills - Psychology 


John Woodmansee - Psychology 


Fred Norton - Religion 


George Griffin - Reiigion 


Ralph Wood - Religion 


G. McLeod Bryan - Religion 


Jolin Angell - Religion 


Emmett Hamrick - Religion 


Carlton Mitchell - Religion 


John Collins - Religion 

1. Gary Ljunguist - Romance Languages 

2. Sondra Daniels — Romance Languages 

3. William Archie - Romance Languages 

4. Francois Hansberger - Romance Languages 

5. Anne Tillett - Romance Languages 

6. Suzanne Wixson - Romance Languages 

7. Bianca Artom - Romance Languages 

1. Ned Woodall - Anthropology 

2. Kenneth McWilliams - Anthropology 

3. Clarence Patrick - Sociology 

4. Stanton Tefft - Anthropology 

5. William Gulley - Sociology 

6. John Earle - Sociology 

7. Don Maultsby. Phil Perricone - Sociology 



Michael Hazen - scta 


Fred McLean - scta 


Donald Wolfe - scta 


Julian Burroughs - SCTA 


David Welker - scta 


Harold Tedford - scta 

1. Dr. James Ralph Scales - 

President of the University 

2. Dr. Edwin G. Wilson - 


jji asB 

1. Lu Leake - Dean of Women 

2. Percival Perry - Dean of Summer School 

3. Pasco Bowman - Dean of School of Law 

4. Thomas Mullen - Dean of the College 

5. Henry Stroupe - Dean of the Graduate School 

6. Frank Schilagi - 
Dean of Babcock School of Business 

7. Toby Hale - Assistant Dean 

8. Mark Reece - Dean of fJien 

9. Robert Dyer - Associate Dean of the College 


Carlos Holder - Bursar 


John G. Willard - Treasurer 


Gene Lucas - Vice President for Finance 


Margaret Perry - Registrar 


Howard Jemison - Medical Director 


Pete Moore - Director of the Physical Plant 


Eugene Hooks - Director of Athletics 


William Starling - Director of Admissions 

1. Mark Rose - Methodist Chaplain 

2. Father Richard Hanson - Campus Ministry 

3. Edgar Christman - Chaplain 

4. Warren Carr - Minister. Wake Forest Baptist Church 

5. Richard McBride, Bill Kercheval - 

Campus Ministry 

6. Jacob Viverette -Episcopal Chaplain 


1. Mrs. A.L. Aycock, Mr. William Holoman, Mrs. 
George Griffin - information Desk 

2. Louise Yates, James L. Ferrell, Jean Hool<s, 
Edith Smith - Personnel Office 

3. Ben Seelbinder - office for institutional Research 

4. Russell H. Brantley - Assistant to ttie President 
Office of Communications 

5. Merrill G. Berthrong - Director of trie Library Staff 

6. Robert Scales, Sallie Cone - Superintendents of 

Building Services 

7. Robert Upson - Director of Traffic and Security 

8. Dave Robertson - Director of College Union 

9. Sammy Conrad, Joseph Bumbrey, Director, 
Betsy Lindsay - Placement Office 

A respected medium 

an attentive audience 

Winston ■ Salem Journal 

Morning and Sunday 



A Media General Newspaper 

' Mail Address PO Box 3 159 

Winston-Salem, N C 27102 
Telephone (919) 725-2311 

Represented Nationally by Sawyer-Ferguson-Walker Company 


^H I^^B 


^ L.. 


1 i^ 

r ^ 



m- , 




^^^V w" 









Taylor Oi! Company 

Etna Service 


Oakwood Drive 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 

For you and those 
who look at you . . . 


WInston-Salem • Uptown and Reynolds Manor 
High Point • Westchester Mall 


^afr;^^*;- "'^tP'n,:: 

"^"TWFtlf IWbER GOMPMeteW^as 

Dependable Building Materials 

1721 Stadium Drive 
P.O. Box 12677 

Phone 784-7930 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 


Montaldo's, 31 1 W. Fourth St., Winston-Salem 



Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Phone 784-9100 






^^s WINSTON-SALEM. N.C. /^^ 

parkway plaza 
reynolda manor 


The difference in Hyatt Hotels 
is the difference in Hyatt Hotels. 

Phone 919/723-9111 





A complete photographic service 




Downtown, Thru way. Parkway Plaza 
Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem 

Greensboro, High Point 
Durham, Raleigh, Fayetteville 


A R A Food Service Co. 

the students, fdculty, and staff 





We welcome requests for private parties 
which we tailor to meet your particular 
needs and specifications. 


Director of Dining Service 

Top Hat Formals 

225 West Fifth St. 

Winston- Salem, N.C. 27101 

Phone 724-7613 

Sales And Rentals Of 
Men's Formals 

Requests By Fraternities For Night Fittings 
Gladly Accepted 



Thruway Shopping Center 



3 Winston-Salem Locations 

Other locations In: 






Rocky Mount 

Chapel Hill 

High Point 



^ Stockton Inc. 

Downtown Thruway Hanes Mall 
Winston-Salem, N,C- 


i/me/^ ^ {eitAo/HZei/ Wea/er 


425 Corporation Parkway 

Parkway Plaza Shopping Center 



"Something for Every Occasion" 

70 Varieties of Beer 

1200 Varieties of Wine 

102 Radfird Street Winston-Salem. N.C. 





TGis Cmmpm 


to the Class of '76 

from Mike, Tim & Bill 



1025 W. First St., Winston-Salem, N.C. 


Member of: American Association of Nurserymen, Inc. 

Southern Nursery Association 

Associated General Contractors of America 

American Road Builders Association 





Here's where 
we come in. 

With men's and boys' underwear, 

ladies' swimwear, panty hose, seamless 

stockings, support hose, bras, 

sport shirts, casual wear, sweaters 

and socks. We make them all. 

We are Hanes. 



Operaling Uniis Hanes Hosiery, Inc 

Hanes Knitwear / L Eggs Products. Inc 

The Ball Company, Inc / Pine Slate Knitwear Co 


Restaurant — Tavern 


Next to Groves Stadium 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 




Home of 

Attilas Cave 

Located at 128 N. Cherry St. 

1-40, Cherry St. Exit 

Area Code 919-723-8861 

Winston-Salem, North Carofina 27101 

HOWLER 1976 

Drake Eggleston 
Kathie Amato 
Joe Wilson 
Nancy Conrads 
Scott Bottenus 
Richard Wasson 
Steptianie Coleman 
Janice Holmes 
Lee Lewis 
Mary McLean 
Susan Overstreet 

General Staff: 
Bob Brett 
Debbie Campbell 
Lynne Garman 
Peggy Eakins 
Steve Goodman 
Cindy Howe 
Deborah Kegel 
George Mewborn 
Lyn Tilley 
Liz Tornow 
Renee Wagner 


Mark Yandle - Head Photographer 

Bill Brown 

Bruce Cameron 

Chip Cranford 

Julia Drake 

Steve Duin 

Dave Joyce 

Eric Morel 

Steve Pendlebury 

Al Rives 

Mike Sawyer 

Richard Sears 

Julian Smith III 


Assoc. Editor 


Business Manager 

Business Manager 






Faculty & Administration 

Specifications: Printed by Hunter Publishing Co., 
Winston-Salem. N.C. 
3100 Copies 
9"x12" Custom Trim 
352 Pages 
Stipple Paper 

All Color printed on Gloss Enamel Paper. 
Bound: Rounded, smythe sewn, supered 

Headbanded top and bottom 
Cover: 20 pt. latex flexi-board 

Black Sturdite. French Morrocco custom 
grained and debossed 
Applied Color - #5499 Dri-Print Gold 
Endsheets: #740 Grey, Penninsuia Calliope 
Type: Helvetica Italic 
Cover Design: Drake Eggleston. Joe Wilson. 

J.B. Edwards 
All Art Work by Steve Goodman 

Color Photography: 35 mm transparencies and prints 
Bill Brown - 137 (top middle) 

Bruce Cameron - 78 (top), 340. 

Chip Cranford - 10 (top). 22. 23 

345 (top). 350 
Steve Duin - 346 
Drake Eggleston - 4.5 (insets), 15 

338, 341.342 (top) 
343. 344 (bottom) 
345 (right), 348 
Bob Ellison -11.12 (top outside) 
Dave Joyce - 142, 143 (center) 
Steve Pendlebury - 137 (top right 

and left) 
Al Rives - 6,16.12 (inside top). 19 

(outside), 24, 138 (bottom), 
139 (top), 140, 141 
Julian Smith - 2,20, (middle), 137 
(bottom), 351 (inset), 
Mark Yandle - (top inside). 
20,21,23 (top), 142 
(bottom), 143 (top), 340 
(inset), 342 (bottom), 344 
(top), 349,351.352, 4,5 
Copy: The words in the introduction are those 

of the Alma Mater, "Dear Old Wake Forest." 
The body copy in the Organizations section 
was submitted by the organizations themselves 
and edited by Stephanie Coleman. 
All other copy conceived by Joe Wilson, Kathie 
Amato and Drake Eggleston. 
Special Credits: Class Portraits by Stevens Studios, 
Bangor, Maine. Photograph on the 
bottom of p. 169 submitted by Mr. 
Joseph Millard. 
Special Thanks to J.B. Edwards and Hunter Publishing Co. 

■T'-*'**^^" ' 

*--- -*«*#,: 


;n we propnets Wrote 

Is cracking at the seams. 
Upon the instruments at death 
The sunlight brightly gleams. 
When every man is torn apart 
With nightmares and with dreams, 
Will no one lay the laurel wreath 
As silence drowns the screams. 

Between the iron gates ol tate, 
The seeds of time were sown. 
And watered by the deeds of those 
Who know and who are known: 
Knowledge is a deadly friend 
When no one sets the rules. 
The fate of all mankind I see 
Is in the hands of fools. 

Confusion will be my epitaph. 

As I crawl a cracked and broken path 

If we make it we can all sit back 

and laugh. 

But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying. 

Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying. 

"Epitaph" - King Crimson 

Ticking away the moments that mal<e up the dull day 
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way 
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town 
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way 

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain 
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today 
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you 
No one told ydu when to run, you missed the starting gun 

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking 
And racing aroung to come up behind you again 
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older 
And shorter of breath and one day closer to death 

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time 

Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines 

Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way 

The time is gone the song is over, thought I'd something more to say 

Home, home again 
I like to be here when I can 
When I come home cold and tired . 
It's good to warm my bones beside the fire 
Far away across the field 
The tolhng of the iron bell 
Calls the faithful to their knees 
To hear the softly spoken magic spells. 
"Time" - Pink Floyd 


V ' - 

i*:l^^-.-,. ^ym 

We recall 

Captured moments of 

Frivolous joys, 



We create 

Only to destroy 

Leisure hours 

Lost in tranquility 


Ticl<ed away in escapades: 

Beer blasts 

T-shirt raids 

Sunday rugby . . . 







We were entertained: 
Celebrated victories 
Agonized defeats, 

(even a few games just 

for tfie fun of it), 


f^ostly we remained 

Vicariously infiibited . . 

Left to gaze at 

Our Eden - 


Often encountered 


By currents 

Of ironic chill 


For most 
Such reflections 
Were enveloped 
By the search 
Through alleys 
Of academia. 

<^-^^. :"rr;£& .'^^.'^ss^^s 

As this "life" is lost 

As our reminiscences 


And turn 

Farewell to the Forest 

in the distance 

rapidly fade 

to new searches 

to say